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Greater user comfort, less impact on the environment.


Choosing to consume responsibly is a major issue at the heart of our lifestyle and our future. It represents the opposite of throw-away culture, which puts a strain on our planet’s natural resources: it’s time to question the quality, durability and origins of the products we consume! We believe everyone can make a difference in this collective effort. We are committed to playing our part, both as a brand and an industrial manufacturer.

Virtuous approach


The French AGEC law (Anti-Gaspillage pour une Économie Circulaire) which comes into force in 2022 aims to end disposable plastic, better inform consumers, fight against waste and for social reuse, act against planned obsolescence and produce better. A great programme!

LAFUMA MOBILIER is 100% committed to this virtuous approach! It is a major advance both for our customers and for the Environment. We have been anticipating these social issues for several years, aware that we have a major role to play both as a manufacturer and brand. 

We are designing furniture that is durable, repairable and produced in sound industrial conditions. Our lightweight, folding and durable furniture reduces issues of collection which is a key point of the AGEC law for the furniture market.

All this is explained for you in detail below!


All our products are designed to last!

At Lafuma Mobilier, we stand against planned obsolescence and throw-away culture. The choice of raw materials is paramount. Their quality and their origins are two important criteria. From high-strength steel (lighter and stronger) to 100% polyester powder paint (seven times more UV-resistant than conventional epoxy) and fibreglass-reinforced floor protectors... Some 98% of our materials are produced in Europe, and 68% in France. Our Reclining chair and Deckchair lines are the perfect example of enduring best-sellers, which are continually improved. Created in 1962, we have consistently reworked and innovated these products to guarantee the utmost comfort and durability. 



Every product is subject to internal or laboratory testing: tension, abrasion, fatigue (seating cycles) and UV-resistance, according to the relevant standards. Our laboratory conducts the initial testing on the prototypes in development before sending the end products to independent laboratories for certification.

Recycled materials for eco-friendly furniture

LAFUMA MOBILIER is committed to reducing its environmental impact and, each year, we incorporate more and more recycled materials into our production cycle. Today, our steel is made of 15 to 75% recycled materials depending on the factory, and our aluminium, which is sourced from Belgium, France and Spain, is 80% recycled. 

Eco-friendly furniture


Our packaging and catalogues are printed and manufactured using 100%-recycled card stock, while the injection plastic formula in our factory comprises 14% recycled materials, a percentage which increases each year. Our Batyline fabrics are 15% recycled fibre. Constantly refining our approach, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve on environmental responsibility.

5-year product guarantee

Our products are designed to have a lasting impact on life, whether you relocate or redesign your indoor or outdoor spaces. We chose to go beyond legislation – which only requires manufacturers to guarantee their products for 2 years – by guaranteeing all of our household products for 5 years. 

Despite this meaningful change, as a French manufacturer, we are proud to maintain an extremely low return rate of 0.3%*, which reflects our stringent quality requirements at every stage of production. If, despite our comprehensive set of quality controls, a product is faulty, our customer service team based at the production site in the Drôme is ready to dispatch the replacement product or parts without delay. * excluding contract and accessories

International acclaim


In 2021, LAFUMA MOBILIER was named “Best Garden Brand” by the Bild newspaper in Germany, judged on the basis of durability, assembly, functionality, design, value for money, environmental credentials and sustainability! Our employees, who strive to develop sustainable and innovative products, were delighted to receive the award!


Repairable products!

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we design our collections for the longest possible life cycle. The longevity of furniture depends on its ability to be maintained and to keep in step with current trends. 

Access to spare parts is an important priority to us, in terms of availability (via our website or customer service team), price and ease of use. LAFUMA MOBILIER offers a wide choice of stylish replacement fabrics and spare parts, which are easy to replace at affordable prices. 

Repairing a product is cheaper than constantly replacing a poor-quality product, and this approach conserves natural resources.  It’s a win-win situation!




At the end of their life cycle, each one of our products can be dismantled to facilitate sorting, and some do not even require tools. This approach helps to supply the recycling sector with different materials. In order to complete this virtuous circle, every year we procure more recycled materials for manufacturing!

Sorting centre


In the spirit of continuous improvement to enhance our designs and facilitate product recycling, we make it our business to understand how furniture is processed once it enters the waste disposal system. To better understand this process, we visited the Sermaco Sorting Centre in Saint-Etienne, which specialises in furniture recycling (90% of sorted waste is recycled) and waste recovery.

Moving forward, we will work with the Sermaco and Eco-Mobilier teams on our future developments to improve our approach to sorting. LAFUMA MOBILIER would like to thank Jocelyn Berne for welcoming our team at the site, and Benoît Godon of Eco-Mobilier for organising the visit. It gave our team a great deal of inspiration!

Made in France

in our Anneyron factory