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Our iconic products


LAFUMA MOBILIER created the first "folders" in 1954. With the launch of paid holidays and the spread of car ownership, these chairs rapidly became vacation essentials. This portable metal and fabric chair was fashioned by the designers of the period to be folding for quick and easy transportation and storage.

Today, thanks to their timeless vintage design, they are being reinvented together with French fine leather artisans and leading couturiers.


In 1962, we invented a revolutionary recliner chair: the Translude. This multi-position, light and comfortable, folding chair is the ancestor of our star product: the Relax and its famous ZERO GRAVITY. This is the position that the human body naturally takes when it's weightless, with legs slightly above the level of the heart. It's the perfect angle for relaxation.The spinal column assumes a neutral posture, the back is relieved, breathing eases, blood circulation is better and limbs are lighter.

The Relax is the embodiment of a lasting, constantly improving best-seller. Today it comes in different models suited to all budgets and to all concepts of comfort.


Inspired by the mythical 1938 Argentine Butterfly chair designed by the architects Kurchan, Ferrari-Hardoy and Bonet, the Pop Up filled beaches, living rooms and gardens in 1992. It has both a very compact volume for transportation and is very spacious when unfolded. The clever umbrella folding system with patented elastomer joints make it a popular and functional designer chair. The removable fabric is easy to replace and is available in various colours and patterns to match your style. The POP UP with its timeless design continues to appeal and is suitable both for your interiors and your terraces.



In 1962, our Transat made its first appearance in the catalogue. The idea is simple but revolutionises those outdoor moments of relaxation: a supporting fabric on a metal frame. The result: a four-position Transat with patented safety racks, and without crossbar at the front for greater leg comfort.

Our Transats are available in different colours to complement all environments… In a word, it's the Made-in-France deckchair and the best value for money !


Our iconic models, still in the catalogues, wrote the initial pages of LAFUMA MOBILIER's history. Innovation and design have always been at the centre of creation. Today our Design & Style Office continues to dream up new collections; every year it patents innovations inspired both from our DNA and our precious heritage.


Made in France

in our Anneyron factory