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Greater user comfort, less impact on the environment.


Respecting environmental and human constraints 

As a stakeholder, LAFUMA MOBILIER is committed to its local region’s economic development. With the same constant high standard of quality, we endeavour to hire our employees and source our components locally: our plastic pieces are injection moulded in Ain, our small steel and card stock components are produced in the Drôme, our extruded aluminium tubes are from Tarn, our Batyline fabrics are woven in Isère, the Vosges and the Nord, our eyelets are manufactured in Isère, our laces come from Auvergne, and our paints originate from the Loire.

Even the raw materials that we cannot source in France at the desired quality are locally produced: our tubes are manufactured in the neighbouring countries of northern Italy, Spain or Belgium, our foam materials are produced in Belgium, and our 3D textiles are made in Spain and Germany.

Local procurement is a strong commitment, which enables us to guarantee consistent quality for our products, as well as local economic development and ecological viability for our industry.

Made in France

A "well-being" concern

In addition, the “Made in France” label entails respect for human rights and due attention to the welfare of employees. Our products are manufactured in good conditions, in accordance with French labour laws, and health and safety regulations. The company does not use materials that are harmful to people or the planet. Furthermore, LAFUMA MOBILIER is a stakeholder committed to its vision of comfort, as essential to “well-being” at the heart of daily life and commotion!

Made in France: quality furniture guaranteed

Opting to manufacture in France entails compliance with the French and European standards, which are among the strictest in the world. We ensure the traceability and transparency of our products and keep the number of intermediary companies at a minimum.

Today, LAFUMA MOBILIER sells its products throughout the entire world, and the brand is celebrated and recognised for its unique expertise, which almost 200 employees maintain on a daily basis with their innovation, while staying faithful to the company’s DNA.


Labelled Made in France

The MADE IN FRANCE label aims to comfort and facilitate the choice of consumers wanting to buy "Made in France" products that strictly satisfy the criteria of the European regulation governing "Made in France". It helps to speed up reindustrialisation of the territory, to preserve local jobs and to respond to the objectives of carbon footprint reduction of France. We are proud to have been a French manufacturer since 1954 and of our contribution to the energy of the local job scene.


LAFUMA MOBILIER is a focal point of French savoir-faire.

When the brand unveiled its first line of portable outdoor furniture in 1954, constructed of tube and canvas, everything was designed, developed and manufactured in Anneyron, Drôme. Nothing has changed in this regard, so LAFUMA MOBILIER can proudly assert its commitment to the local region and responsible practice.

Today, “Made in Anneyron” is the hallmark of expert design and manufacturing, integrating the entire production chain.


LAFUMA MOBILIER is committed to limiting the energy consumption of its production facilities to a minimum, particularly thanks to new investments in less energy-intensive equipment. 

In order to restrict energy and water consumption, as well as drastically reducing the use of pollutants, the surface treatment tunnel inside our painting workshop was redesigned and optimised in 2019. In spite of the minimal use of chemicals, today, our products are significantly more resistant and longer lasting! Every ingredient needed for surface treatment is managed automatically with high precision, allowing us to use the bare minimum. 

At the degreasing station, the same approach has decreased our consumption of water by 23% and gas by 40%. Using a reverse cascade system, a given volume of water is now reused 5 times, and the filtration concentrate is reused to clean part of our installation. Filtering the water internally, our wastewater treatment facility optimises consumption and cuts our waste. 

Our tubes are cut to length systematically to minimise waste, and scrap metal is entirely recycled. Our powder-coating booths recycle automatically to avoid waste by reinjecting paint into the system, and likewise, our injection station reuses any production waste. Our fabric scraps are reused to create factory second deckchairs, available to purchase in our factory outlet, or donated to our partner organisations, such as FibrEthik (insert link), which recycles the fabric in professional reintegration workshops.

Today, LAFUMA MOBILIER’s production waste is entirely recovered and recycled.

Ergonomics of workstations

For long-term health

Furthermore, to reduce noise pollution to a minimum for our employees, we prioritise the use of electrical over hydraulic power in our workshops. Every workstation is subject to detailed evaluations by engineers and workshop managers, and continuously improved to allow our operators to perform their duties ergonomically, to reduce fatigue and promote good health over the long term.



At LAFUMA MOBILIER, our packaging is conceived in alignment with the product’s design phase. Our packaging is carefully designed and constantly improved with the aim to withstand the various shipping methods and optimise shipment volumes and weights. 

All cardboard packaging is made of 100%-recycled materials and labelled “Made in France”. Designed to reduce bulk, it facilitates transport and recycling once your LAFUMA MOBILIER products are displayed in your garden or living room! 

But what about single-use plastics? The plastic used for our packaging is 100% recyclable. LAFUMA MOBILIER has significantly reduced its use of plastic and continues to develop new and improved ecological solutions for its packaging.

Optimised delivery


By planning ahead and forecasting our needs, we are able to ship our products by road and sea. Delivery vehicles are optimised for every destination using load consolidation and optimisation at our logistics hub.

Made in France

in our Anneyron factory