21 July 2020

The garden is today a backdrop of greenery synonymous with an island of tranquillity. However, in order for this outdoor space remains a haven of peace, it requires structure and beauty.

17 July 2020

Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the living room armchair, just like an outdoor seat, is synonymous with well-being. To be able to daydream in front of the fire, welcome guests, or curl up in it to read a book, armchairs are part of our everyday life and must be chosen with care.

3 June 2020

The choice of colour shades in interior decoration is linked with current aspirations. The home therefore takes on soft shades of pastel colours such as pale pink or nude.

29 April 2020

From a large balcony to a small city terrace, these smaller-sized outdoor spaces can present real challenges when setting up. To make this outdoor living room into a relaxing corner that is as cosy as it is chic, here are a few tips.