Relax chair: the evolution of our types of suspension

5 April 2019

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Relax chair from LAFUMA Mobilier in the zero gravity position

With its high multi-position backrest, armrests, adjustable headrest cushion and footrest, the Relax chair lets its user relax in an ideal position. The relax chair, designed with recommendations from health specialists, soothes the back muscles, the neck and lumbar discs, improves circulation and eases breathing. It also permits alignment of the heart, legs and back, thus promoting a rapid decrease in stress. This position known as zero gravity corresponds to that which the body assumes naturally when weightless, with the legs and trunk forming an angle of 127°.

The elastic lacing system on our Relax chairs

The LAFUMA Mobilier relaxation chairs have a lacing attachment system which offers flexible seating. This long-lasting support guarantees optimal comfort as the fabric is stretched and linked to the frame with laces. If after several years of use, the cords begin to loosen, it is very simple to replace them to extend the life of your chair. The kit, comprising four elastic laces with end pieces, allows you to quickly attach the fabric to the frame. Available in various colours to match your chair, the two 140 cm laces and two 60 cm laces are very resistant.

The new clip technology used on our Relax chairs

Zoom in on the clip suspension system used by LAFUMA Mobilier

The clip fabric fixation system, patented by LAFUMA Mobilier, ensures better back support by distributing body weight more evenly in a seated or reclined position. This tubing-fabric link system using injected elastomere clips is an exclusive LAFUMA Mobilier innovation. The discreet, effective material, known for its elasticity, is capable of undergoing large distortions without breaking. This LAFUMA Mobilier technology guarantees the durability of the product. Quick and simple to carry out, attaching and removing the fabric helps with maintaining the relaxation chair.

Our choice of fabrics available: Batyline®, Airlon or BeComfort® combine aesthetics and well-being. Permeable and breathable, resistant to both UV rays and moisture, these eco-designed, French-made materials suit both an indoor and outdoor use. Also, to personalise your furniture or to update your decor in an instant, choose the replacement kit for chairs. It comprises a new fabric with clips, thus allowing you to change colours according to the season or however you wish, while keeping the same frame. By offering accessories suitable for each version, we at LAFUMA Mobilier are committing to make your loungers and chairs last longer.