Why opt for a zero gravity chair?

14 March 2019

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What is the zero gravity position?

Relaxing area set up around a pool

The “zero gravity” position is the most relaxing position you can find. It is therefore recommended by doctors, occupational therapists and every health specialist. This body position, with the legs placed slightly above the heart, is the position that we naturally adopt when our body is weightless. It was called this by Nasa in the 1970s. In reality, the body still feels its weight, but the feeling of gravity is 7 times less, just as when one floats in the ocean. To summarise, this position created by the relax chair invented by LAFUMA MOBILIER allows for the alignment of the heart, legs and back in order to promote complete relaxation and an instant reduction in stress. The legs are raised, with thighs and trunk forming an angle of 127 degrees, the perfect angle for relaxing. The lumbar column reverts to a neutral position, the back is eased and blood circulates better.


The benefits of a zero gravity relax chair

Reduces pressure on the discs

With everyday tasks and sporting activities, the effect of weight on the spinal column is such that it can cause compression of up to 20mm per day. A zero gravity relaxation chair actually works on decompressing the spinal discs , and through capillary action, on the neck and nape of the neck.


Relaxes the back muscles

The zero gravity relaxing chair offers unparalleled relaxation, by working on the back muscles. Every day, they are constantly contracting. So, to allow good circulation, the muscles should relax from time to time. To relax and recuperate after exertion, many sportsmen and women use this ergonomic tilting chair. The zero gravity tilt is also beginning to be used in the design of massage chairs used by professionals.


The optimum ergonomics of the LAFUMA MOBILIER relax chair

LAFUMA Mobilier relaxation chair in the zero gravity position

LAFUMA MOBILIERdeveloped its first multi-position version in 1962 to allow the general public to relax in it. Over the decades, the technology has continued to improve. The relax chair offers a feeling of well-being and comfort to a greater extent than any other rocking chair or lounger. The LAFUMA MOBILIER versions have armrests and an adjustable back with a stabiliser to be able to choose between seated, tilted or zero gravity positions. Its fabric, attached with elastomere clips, guarantees firm comfort, excellent back support and a better redistribution of weight for the user. Easy to clean, this folding furniture is easy to store after use.. Its strong construction in lacquered steel resists corrosion and the fabric is designed to be resistant to UV rays as well as to moisture. Designed for outdoor use, the relax chair can also be used inside so as to enjoy it year-round.