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Steel table tops: combining practicality, design and style

Whether by the sofa, the pool, in a dining room or even on your low table, our steel tops provide a contemporary decorative touch either indoors or outdoors. Easy to store, BEAULIEU tops are practical with a clever attaching system. They take up less space in cupboards; they can be hung up instead of filling your drawers.

Unlike wooden tops that can turn blue in hot weather, the steel used is perfectly suited to hot and cold weather and has special resistance to sudden temperature variations. They are ideal for outdoor use in summer. Their protection pads on the backs allow them to be used on all supports (wood, glass, etc.) with no risk of scratching.

LAFUMA MOBILIER tops are made in France. 
They are available in different original shapes: pentagon-like round shape and gently rounded rectangular shape.
Available in three particularly elegant colours (Aouro, Albe, Mistral), they can be matched with your existing furniture and provide a trendy decorative touch.