STOPPER KIT Ø 22MM  Maxi Transat Noir LFM5018_0247

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Giving a product a “second life”allows you to reduce its environmental impact, while also keeping up with the latest trends! At LAFUMA MOBILIER, dismantling is integrated right from the design and creativity stage. All of our products are designed to be easy to take apart and repair. A wide range of spare parts allows you to repair your products easily, and to thus prolong the life of your furniture. Choose a purchase that is eco-responsible and durable! Click to find out more. .

Its technical assets:

  • Diameter 22

Detailed description:

This kit of 2 stoppers is designed for the MAXI TRANSAT, with a steel tubing frame, 22 mm in diameter.Very easy to change, you just have to remove the used stoppers and replace them.Because space is also a real luxury, the MAXI TRANSAT records generous dimensions, perfectly aligned with modern comfort requirements. Robust, ultra-compact and easy to maintain, it is at ease on the patio, in the garden or poolside, or even... inside your house.


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