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Which armchair to deal with backache ?

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Choosing an armchair that is suitable for dealing with backache requires taking into consideration several criteria. Discover our advice for choosing a relax armchair to deal with backache.

A daily essential for the work day or for relaxation at home, armchairs need to offer true comfort, in particular for sedentary people or those who suffer from a bad back.

Choosing a good armchair to ease backache

At work or at home, only a comfortable armchair suitable for one’s morphology can ease lumbar or other back pain. Before purchasing an office chair or armchair for relaxing in, it is a good idea to consider certain criteria.

The height and depth of the seat should be taken into account, depending on our height and weight. The dimensions fit if our feet can touch the ground when we are seated comfortably. A good seat ranges between giving the impression of firm support and gentle cocooning. Basically, you should not feel as if you disappear into an office chair, and yet the seat should not be too hard, as classic formal chairs can be, for example. For good lumbar support and support of the spinal column, the back rest should be sufficiently firm. You should also pay attention to the slope of the back rest, which should match the curves of the back. There are some adjustable versions with a backrest which adjusts according to user height.

Also take a look at the chair’s accessories. Armrests let you sit down and stand back up again without putting a strain on the lumbar region. For good posture, you should be able to place your elbows on the armrests, making a 90 degree angle. Also, if you have to stay seated for a long time – if, for example you are working on a computer – it is advised to choose a model with a headrest, to support the neck vertebrae. Equally, a foot rest offers a feeling of optimal comfort as it allows you to raise the legs so as to improve blood circulation.

Lafuma Mobilier Relax Armchair : perfect for relieving backache

To soothe back or muscular aches, it is imperative to give yourself some relaxing time. A static position leads to consequences which are harmful for the health. While it is recommended to move and to avoid having a poor posture, it is also advisable to grant yourself a well-being break. Widely recommended for better workplace health, some relaxation time in a suitable position can alleviate back pain. The LAFUMA MOBILIER brand’s leading product, recognised for research based on expert medical assessment, the multi-position relax chair was specially designed to provide its users with the perfect relaxation position in a light, foldable format and at an affordable price.

The essential principle is the positioning of the legs slightly above the level of the heart, to optimise rest. This zero gravity position  is the one which the body naturally takes when weightless. The legs are elevated, the thighs and chest therefore form an angle of 127 (degrees)°, the perfect angle for relaxation. The spinal column finds a neutral position, stress is removed from the back, and circulation improves. It is the most relaxing position of all.

There are other types of relaxation chairs available on the market which can ease back pain, but these models can sometimes have some disadvantages. Indoor relaxation chairs may be very costly. These seats, reclinable or not are generally designed to be large and cumbersome. It would be necessary to take account of the space they require in a room. Being very heavy, they are difficult to move around. Finally, single-position relaxation chairs only offer minimal comfort as they are not able to mould themselves to a user’s morphology. A light, adjustable model, designed for outdoor use offers an attractive alternative solution.