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Our outdoor furniture serving your comfort

Comfort & wellness

The world would be a better place if we all realized the share of time, relaxation and well-being that we all need.

Comfort is our trade

The world would be a better place if we all realized the share of time, relaxation and well-being that we all need. Disconnecting and finding the time to live again means finding a time for ideas, for fulfilment, and to recentre on what makes sense in our lives. Lafuma Mobilier is a company that is aware of these stakes, and aims to be a part of the quest for well-being. Uncompromising on comfort, light and practical, we undertake to offer products which really know how to meet your needs and how to respect your body. Our seat quality is actually noted by health professionals.

Immediate boarding

More than a product, we are offering an experience of comfort which plays out as well outdoors as it does indoors: let yourself be “carried away” by our Butterfly chair and dining chairs, let go and feel the unique experience of relaxation, peacefulness, freed from all tension. Let yourself slip into this state linking softness and balance: disconnect!

The engineering of well-being

At the heart of what we look at is the body’s well-being: we were studying the positions which can adjust to your back, or spinal column. An excellent recuperation for your muscles and perfect relaxation for your limbs are the results of precise engineering which has been developed by our teams for over the 60 years We are also very demanding about the choice of materials - fabrics, seat pads, HLE steel (High limit elasticity) - to bring you tailored, flexible support, while remaining environmentally friendly. All of these qualities, combined with the lightness of our steel tubing frames are symbolic of our commitment to bring you total relaxation.

The relax, 127 ° of well-being inspired by the observation of the living

Here are three examples of our “in house” innovations:

  • Weightlessness: the construction of our Reclining chair, with the 127° angle placing your legs slightly above your heart, encourages good blood circulation. We were the first brand to have designed this seating position, now known as “Zero Gravity” for garden furniture.

  • 1 + 2 + 3 : our Air Comfort 3 layer seat pad combines technical, breathable and permeable materials to offer unrivalled comfort, unbelievable softness, outstanding breathability and quick drying time.

  • Made in Lafuma : our elastomere clips, patented by Lafuma Mobilier, contribute to a better weight distribution, providing firmer comfort and perfect back support without pressure points.

You can find all of these innovations in our ranges of garden chairs, Butterfly chairs and footrests.

Comfort is our trade

Being a nomad at heart

In the mountains, at home on the patio, on the maternity ward or in the library, whatever the location and use, our products offer a promise of well-being for you in your everyday activities or leisure pursuits. On your patio, on the beach or lawn, our furniture unfolds and spreads out to open up this area of freedom, perfect for relaxing, sharing with friends and loved ones: recharge your batteries, get away and make the most of rich, fun-filled times!