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What is Glamping ?


Glamping is a growing trend in France, but what is it actually? What are its advantages?

What does clamping mean ?

This type of alternative tourism offers quirky lodging such as gypsy caravans, yurts, tree houses or houses built on stilts in a natural environment. Very popular in English-speaking countries, in particular in New Zealand, the United States or the United Kingdom, this new type of stay combining getting away from it all, a bohemian spirit and reconnecting with the land is also beginning to emerge in France.

Wanting to take time, to enjoy all the little moments and to be close to nature in the spirit of slow life, fans of Glamping seek to travel differently. Glamping can thus offer a unique experience with an unexpected night in the open air while also offering a lot of comfort and intimacy. From a luxurious ecolodge located on the shores of a lake to a northern igloo, while not forgetting tree houses, these unusual lodgings promise for example quality bedding and refined cuisine for the guests. Glamping thus combines the change of scene of outdoor holidays and the comfort of a boutique hotel.

Why choose glamping ?

In France, and also abroad, this new trend is emerging which seeks to help you connect with life’s essentials. Even tourism cannot escape from this state of mind. Taking a holiday in the mountains or on the beach is all very well, but only if this relaxing break has some meaning. Ecological awareness has everyone rethinking how they spend their free time. Constant consumption and instant gratification have moved aside in favour of finding and discovering nature.

Even if traditional natural camping has evolved and invites you to spend time in the open air, the classic lodgings and limited entertainment offer less space for amazement and tranquillity. With Glamping, holidaymakers seek unusual buildings in an enchanting location, off the beaten track. These unusual stays, promising unforgettable moments, offer a complete intimacy and true relaxation.

Whether it’s a family holiday, a couple’s getaway or a trip with friends, each kind can find an ideal destination. While the very young are excited right away with the uniqueness of a night in a castle or a tree house, it does not take long for the adults to find their inner child. Also, some of these lodgings might be nestled in the heart of a farm where gardeners, farmers and beekeepers love to rediscover life in the country, eating local products, meeting the animals and so many activities which are loved by young and old. Sharing this type of moment as a family is a rare treat. For a trip as a couple, what could be more charming than an intimate stay in a country setting? From a Mongolian yurt to a gypsy caravan, not forgetting a barge moored on the banks of a river, these lodgings are remarkable for their original and exotic style. At the same time, while these rooms are unusual, they are all equipped with all the modern comforts and ensure optimal well-being for re-energising.

Also, it is idyllic to find oneself with friends in a cottage in the heart of a country region and to spend time doing activities such as hiking, climbing, canoeing or swimming in a local pool, before meeting up for an evening around the campfire under the stars.

Glamping in France

Glamping has widely developed all over France over the past few years. From Brittany to the Dordogne, in Cathar country, the Somme bay on the Channel coast, the Ile de Ré or the Alps, travellers only have to listen to the map.

With this enthusiasm, there still exists a wide choice of destinations offered on holiday accommodation websites such as Huttopia. Everyone can imagine the holiday they desire, from a cosy night in a wooden chalet to an adventure in a tipi tent on the shores of a lake.

The advantage of this new type of accommodation is that you can enjoy it in any weather or season. In the summer, the Atlantic coast or the Mediterranean Sea attract visitors wanting to breathe the fresh air, while the tree-filled gorges of the Drôme or Périgord area call out to get revitalized. In the winter season, it is mainly the Pyrenees, the High Alps, the Jura or the Pays Basque regions which try to make money from this trend. Holiday-makers will find a top quality chalet with a wood burning stove for a hunting vibe inside, and an amazing view over snow-capped mountains.