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Our decor ideas for the garden


The garden is today a backdrop of greenery synonymous with an island of tranquillity. However, in order for this outdoor space remains a haven of peace, it requires structure and beauty. Here are a few tips and ideas to change a square of lawn into a cosy cocoon.

Setting up a patio as garden decor

Setting up a garden whatever size it is, can sometimes appear to be a challenge. Before getting out your tools, it is essential to make a plan to divide up the space. Just as with interior design, outdoor planning requires coherence. Different zones will work in harmony with this green space, and it can be divided up according to personal taste. On one side an orchard and a vegetable plot, further on a wild corner for flowerbeds and seasonal planting. To give perspective, let a lawn extend to highlight the vertical lines of trees and shrubs. These planted areas will also give a quiet place to sit.

To really get the most out of the garden, it is essential to create an everyday living space, with shade and structure. To do this, you just have to set up a large patio, and there again it is wise to organise space logically. To avoid creating a dumping ground, it is best to envisage the use that you want to make out of the patio. A patio, just as with a small city garden, requires you to rationalise your choices, whilst on a large terrace it is easy to waste space. It is better to ask the question: why have a patio? A simple relaxing corner for reading does not need a huge space, but requires intimacy and quietness.

To achieve this, consider protecting the spot from being overlooked with reeds or trendy vertical planting. A lounger or deckchair with a small coffee table will look great. For those who like lazing around, choose a sunlounger with shade from a parasol. Conversely, for those who would like to organise dinner under the stars, set up a dining space outside to fit the patio dimensions. For narrow spaces, a folding two-person table with two light chairs will be ideal. For much bigger ones, a large rectangular table with an arbour for shade will accommodate all the guests. For a relaxed zen style terrace, it is better to invest in garden lounge furniture, with a set of outdoor couches, armchairs and coffee table.

Flowers and greenery: essential for decorating the garden

While gardens can imitate nature, they are shaped by people. A beautiful garden needs care to maintain its harmony and identity. Trees may define the clearest perspectives around the house, but you still need to brighten up the space with planting according to personal taste, climate, and also to the time that you able to devote to it. It will also depend on the exposure and prevailing winds. To set up a north-facing garden, invest in shade-loving evergreen plants, whereas a south-facing garden will enjoy a splash of colour.

The garden should be a place for pleasure, awakening the senses. Wooden window boxes or terra cotta pots can hold grasses and other perennials. Let fragrant climbing plants cover a pergola or wall. If you dream of a little vegetable plot, even in a small space, why not grow some tomatoes or some aromatic herbs. However next to a pool, avoid deciduous plants which will drop leaves into the water - choose instead Mediterranean plants. Equally, keep all nectar-producing flowers away from an eating area as they can attract undesirable insects.

The essential accessories for garden decor

A garden is synonymous with calm and relaxation. This cocoon of well-being calls for its own decorative elements to obtain optimum comfort. On a bench, outdoor sofa or armchairs, scatter cushions and throws for summer evenings. A variety of colours will liven up the space.  Also, an outdoor rug with a geometric design or single colour is an essential element of outdoor decoration, as it can mark out the space and provide a warm ambiance.

Finally, among patio decorating accessories, lighting is essential, and can be devised like an actual set design. Lanterns can be placed in the garden to create a lighted pathway. At the centre of the living space, people love to install string lights on a tree and hang a few Chinese lanterns over the table to really make the space beautiful after dark.

Garden decor ideas you can do yourself

Do It Yourself has become more popular in decor trends for a few years. More than just a fad, it is the pleasure of creating something yourself. The old second-hand objects from sales and antique shops take on a second life in the garden. For wall decor, consider tarnished mirrors or wooden shutters which, once painted will brighten up a wall. The decorative elements in a modern patio feature upcycling, this trend of changing items. So, jars or painted tins are used as pretty candle holders and glass bottle become chic vases for holding dried flowers. An old birdcage, a broken watering can or a vintage wooden crate will all become decor items to personalise to your taste.