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How to set up a patio ?


Half-way between a small enclosed garden and a terrace, the patio resembles a refuge, open to the sky, in the heart of the home.

Having as its ancestors it has the atrium from ancient Rome, the patio has conquered homes all around the Mediterranean from Andalusia to the riads of Marrakech. In vogue today, this green oasis becomes a much-loved relaxing area, just like a city garden.

The basis for setting up a patio

In this small enclosed terrace, both ground and walls are important. Before starting decorating projects in this little courtyard, it is essential to define an ambience which matches the look of the house. Whether you want a modern minimalist garden, a Spanish patio or a pared-down Scandinavian style, the rule is to have coherence and harmony. Planks of composite wood will bring a warm look to a small space and have the advantage of limiting the risk of slipping. On the contrary, planks which define a horizon line which gives an impression of a larger size and an extended perspective. Polished concrete is a ground covering with a contemporary look which is being seen in all the new outdoor decor trends. While reconstituted stone is a classic choice, a graphic outdoor tile is easy to maintain, it brings an original personal touch and goes along perfectly with the setting up of a dining space outside.

For the walls, be bold with colour. In terms of architecture, the patio shows itself as a space for getting together, dedicated to relaxation. A Majorelle blue, a spicy yellow or a pretty green will give a feeling of being on holiday, and lift spirits.

Use different materials to cover the ground

As with all small spaces, it is important to rationalise and define the use of the patio. If you value a dining area, you could invest ina table and chair set, for two, four or six people depending on the area available. To arrange a living area dedicated to relaxation, install alow outdoor table to match withdeckchairsor designer armchairsfor enjoying the sunshine.

In a small courtyard, it is better to choose space-saving outdoor furniture. Large-scale garden furniture can give a cluttered look. Light furniture will have better visual aesthetics in a confined space. However, tables, deckchairs and folding chairs, being easy to move around, have the advantage of being able to change the ambience as you wish. If you have guests for dinner, you just have to fold up the sun lounger and unfold the dining table and outdoor rug. When winter comes, it is easy to tidy up these garden items in order to store them until the next sunny weather. At LAFUMA Mobilier, we offer a range of portable furniture, which is compact and space-saving, and which guaranteed good resistance and strength.

For furniture colours, choose light shades, especially if the walls are very colourful. The trending colours for 2019 switch between shades of green, pastel colours and dark red. To renew your garden decor in an instant, LAFUMA Mobilier offers a wide range of replacement fabric covers for chairs and sun loungers.

Set up your patio with green spaces

Decorating to echo the countryside gives the patio its own mood. This year a garden trend is verticality, with a screen or an elegant trellis, where you can let your plants take over the front and therefore create a planted wall. In a large enough planter, let fragrant climbing plants take over. Hang little terra cotta pots holding aromatic plants such as thyme and basil, which will add flavour to your dishes in the summertime.

This interior courtyard has the advantage of retaining heat, and being sheltered from wind. Even in areas with a temperate climate, it is possible to grow luxuriant tropically-inspired plants. Banana trees and dwarf palm trees planted in huge pots will all bloom to create an exotic garden. To respect the origins of the patio, choose plants and flowers from the Mediterranean, such as the Barbary fig, rosemary, cacti and succulents which do not require any watering system.

Our decor ideas for a small patio

A true extension of the house, this living area can be protected from people looking in. You can give your imagination free rein and decorate it just as an additional room in your house. Add your own decorative touches, and for a cosy look, set up an outdoor mat. To create a fishing-cabin feeling, play with the colours white and blue which are a reminder of the Cyclades. Think about salvage ideas, and put up repainted wooden shutters on the walls onto which you can hook plant pots and mirrors On a white-painted pergola you can hang a few willow lanterns or a set of string lights, without forgetting to set out several candles. Outdoor lighting plays greatly into the ambience on summer evenings.