Vence Collection: When comfort and functionality become one

Vence Collection: When comfort and functionality become one

It is customary, within a duo, for one to advocate practicality while the other swears by aesthetics. But then… why not combine the two ? This is exactly the approach taken by LAFUMA MOBILIER for its new VENCE collection. A range of outdoor furniture with a lounge spirit, designed for both small and large spaces. Discover these seats and tables with clean lines, perfect for welcoming you on the terrace or in the garden.

Combining style and functionality

Leonardo da Vinci said : “Simplicity is the supreme sophistication”. It is true that we sometimes look for quirks and circuitous paths to achieve our goal, when the straight line remains the best solution. It is in this state of mind that the designers of LAFUMA MOBILIER came together to imagine the brand's new collection, called VENCE. An ode to simplicity and know-how made in France ! Ideal for small and large spaces, VENCE is the first lounge collection offered by LAFUMA MOBILIER. It consists of a low armchair and a low bench for two people, which can be combined with a square or rectangular coffee table. The VENCE lounge collection is the perfect combination to create an outdoor living space, according to everyone's desires and environment !

Available in pastel blue (Mistral) or titanium gray (Obsidian), VENCE armchairs and benches mix straight lines and curves. We particularly appreciate the optimal comfort offered by their generous seat. Coffee tables – rectangular or square – adapt to the space available in your outdoor spaces : real chameleons!

Why choose pieces from the VENCE collection ?

Between impractical durable furniture and furniture made from materials that are harmful to the environment, LAFUMA MOBILIER has made its choice. Its furniture will be both eco-friendly, easy to live with AND aesthetic ! The challenge was high for the VENCE range, because it was necessary to design a range of furniture that could be easily maintained and stored, while breaking common aesthetic standards. The compromise was found, and we are proud to present to you today this complete and functional set ! 


Here are some arguments that will certainly convince you :

  • Batyline textile allows VENCE seats to breathe. Solid, it resists bad weather as well as UV rays. We have reinforced it at the top of each backrest to avoid deformation from use. Year after year, our seats remain like new !

  • All VENCE seat covers are removable and replaceable. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we have been working tirelessly for years on the sustainability of our products. Each of them is designed to accompany you for as long as possible ! Hence our choice to offer you replacement canvases and spare parts.

  • The VENCE table top is anti-corrosion treated. Its 100% Polyester paint keeps the table in perfect condition, even in extreme weather conditions.

  • Protective pads located at the ends of the legs of our coffee tables provide foolproof stability !

  • All VENCE seats are stackable: making it easier to store your furniture during the cold season.

  • Our teams have paid particular attention to the maneuverability of our VENCE seats: light, they can be moved with one hand, without forcing. In addition, they have a crosspiece at the top of the backrest which offers easy and natural handling.

How to maintain your furniture from the VENCE range ?

As we have just seen previously, the watchword at LAFUMA MOBILIER is simplicity. Ease of use, but also ease of maintenance ! To care for your furniture and restore it to its original appearance, there is no need to scrub for hours. A simple wipe with a soapy sponge is enough, followed by rinsing with a jet of water. The seat fabrics can be changed according to mood and wear : you will find them in one click on our e-shop, or at your usual retailer. Planned obsolescence is not a term we are used to, and for good reason ! LAFUMA MOBILIER is LongTime certified, a label which values ​​products designed to last, robust and repairable. Sustainability still has a bright future ahead of it at LAFUMA MOBILIER : enough to take away any worries when it's time to read a book, have a drink or laze in the sun !