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Transabed Batyline® Duo Mistral Eole

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Treat yourself to a refreshingly original swirl of colours with the sunny and exotic Total Look . Cushions, fabric and tubing come in vibrant colours for refreshing good looks. Try it and become a fan!

The Transabed offers the comfort of a true sun lounger in the form of a deckchair. Its generous width provides extra comfort, it’s easy to adjust and also easy to live with, since it’s foldable and compact. An essential for those relaxing moments in the garden, by the sea or at home!

Winning features:
- Highly reclined position gives the model an unexpected “sun lounger" function, ideal for sunbathing or taking a nap.
- Features a cleverly designed, discreet and easy to use position adjustment device using snap hooks built into the high-quality webbed armrests.
- Its Batyline® Duo reinforced fabric is particularly suitable for furniture around swimming pools given its excellent UV resistance and open weave that does not retain water. The 2 thread / 1 thread weave, which is tighter than that of Batyline® Duo brings a thicker look and better resistance to tearing. It does not distort and is easy to maintain, a little soapy water is all you need.
- Removable headrest.
- Little storage space needed when folded.

This product is sold separately from the footrest.

Built to last, this deckchair has received the LONGTIME® label which assures its robustness and durability.


Technical information

DECKCHAIR Lafuma Mobilier UK 1

The duo offering maximum comfort

This premium deckchair has a wide seat and is adjustable with loop and snap hook to three positions, including one completely flat. This practical chair’s compact folding makes it easy to transport. In combination with its separately sold Next foot rest, this duo will bring a dose of additional comfort for the sun lovers on the poolside or terrace.

DECKCHAIR Lafuma Mobilier UK 2

Batyline® Duo - Reinforced weave 2 warp/1 weft threads

Ideal for exterior use: excellent resistance to UV rays, ultra-quick drying and easy to clean with soapy water. Refined style effects and increased durability for this technical fabric manufactured in France.

Product Details


Height (opened - in cm) 88

Width (opened - in cm) 67

Depth (opened - in cm) 93

Height (folded - in cm) 123

Width (closed- in cm) 67

Depth (folded - in cm) 13

Net weight (in kg) 6,3

Seat height (in cm) 34


Fabric and cushions





Drying time speed

Resistance to UV rays

Resistance to bad weather

Ease of cleaning


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Ratings or Customer reviews

1 Ratings or Customer reviews
  • Tony
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Excellent product. High quality. Very comfortable.