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R Clip - Futura - Evolution - Rsx - Rsxa Noir LFM2837_0247

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|7 Ratings or Customer reviews
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This cup holder tray is the essential accessory for keeping your drink close at hand. It fits all our relax models as well as the Alu Low and Alu Cham.

Set up is practical and simple with two rotating clip-on hooks.

Be sure to remove the cup holder before folding your chair.

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Ratings or Customer reviews

7 Ratings or Customer reviews
  • Agnes
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Very convenient and easy to fix to the chair.
  • Susan
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Such a handy devise that stays level even when adjusting the chair. Reasonable price.
  • Andrew
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Perfect holder for drinks whilst sitting in the chair
  • Philip
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Adds the finishing touch to the lounger.
  • Dawn
    Published on 25/10/2021
    It is a very well made product, but I am having trouble hooking it onto the chair - it is stiff to push the attachment 'bolts' onto the frame and I have arthritis so it's a bit of a challenge. However, I would absolutely buy it again as the functionality is excellent.
  • Patricia
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Bit difficult to clip on but works well.
  • John
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Does the job once we figured out how to fit it.