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Protective covers / Travel bags

DECKCHAIR TRAVEL BAG  100% Polypropylene Anthracite
DECKCHAIR TRAVEL BAG 100% Polypropylene Anthracite

Cover for transport and storage: protect your outdoor furniture

Are you looking for a cover for storing and moving your garden furniture easily?

LAFUMA MOBILIER transport covers offer complete protection of your furniture and make its transportation easy. 

LAFUMA MOBILIER storage covers are particularly strong and will maintain the lifetime of your products.

Whether for wintering your outdoor furniture or for quite simply protecting it when you're not using it, covers are essential accessories for the durability of your products. They make their storage easy especially in your sheds and garages, or directly on your balcony and terrace.

If you don't have a shed for storing your products over winter, they allow your products to be kept on your balcony or terrace in a functional and stylish way.

The solid handles of transport covers help you carry your LAFUMA MOBILIER deckchair or recliner chair and take them with you easily. Ideal for use on adventures and holidays!

Why have storage covers for your outdoor furniture?

They protect your furniture efficiently from moisture, dust, UV radiation and from many insects and pests. In this way you maintain the lifetime of your products, you prevent the appearance of mould and the discoloration of your fabrics, and you prevent signs of rust on the metal frame. When good weather returns, cleaning is minimal: a simple wipe with a sponge is enough to bring your equipment back into service.

A range of LAFUMA MOBILIER covers suited to all outdoor furniture

LAFUMA MOBILIER storage covers have been especially sized to suit our products: Anytime tables, recliner chair, Transabed lounger, Transat and Maxi Transat. Nevertheless, their generous dimensions allow them to be used for all your outdoor furniture: for this, check the dimensions and features of our covers before ordering.