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For the French, the word “RELAX” came to mean something in 1961.


Creation, together with the medical profession, of the 1st model of the RELAX armchair, a comfortable and practical product.


The “TV position” version enabled a seated position to be maintained while having the legs extended.


The RELAX becomes folding and compact, making life easier for French travellers.


1st RELAX with removable armrests including plastic parts, which improved the durability of the product and its repairability.


Significant innovation with the invention of a patented system of high-strength elastomer clips, attaching the fabric to the tube and replacing the traditional laces.


The BeComfort® padding has reduced environmental impact and excellent UV resistance thanks to its 3D mesh fabric without post-treatment, and the dye-coloured threads of its weave.

The engineering of comfort

We have always sought to offer products that really satisfy your wishes and compliment your body. A LAFUMA MOBILIER lounger, recliner, or deckchair has to be an invitation to relaxation. Innovation and ergonomics are central to creation. 


Metal and fabric combined: LAFUMA MOBILIER stays faithful to its DNA by combining strong metal frames with comfortable fabrics. Padded innovations, like BeComfort®, Hedona or Tundra, combine three thicknesses specially designed for the outdoors. This combination of technical materials that are breathable and permeable offers unmatched comfort, incredible softness and rapid drying.


Patented by LAFUMA MOBILIER, the innovation of elastomer clips is replacing the famous elastic suspension which links the fabric to the frame. These clips provide better weight distribution, securing firmer comfort and perfect back support.


Durable comfort

Zero gravity

Body position: we investigate the best positions for your back and spine. Excellent recovery for your muscles, and perfect relief for your limbs are the fruit of the precise engineering developed by our teams for more than 60 years. Moreover, LAFUMA MOBILIER was the first brand to apply the ZERO GRAVITY position on a recliner chair.


The LAFUMA recliner's secret:

It was designed to offer THE perfect relaxation position. The design has been developed in collaboration with the medical profession whose main recommendation was to achieve a position in which the legs are elevated slightly above the heart. This position is called "ZERO GRAVITY", as it corresponds to that which the human body naturally takes when weightless, with the legs and the torso forming an angle of 127°. 

LAFUMA MOBILIER puts its knowledge and experience to work helping with recuperation and relaxation for all.

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