Lafuma Mobilier: French outdoor furniture manufacturer for over 60 years

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Our Outdoor Seating Range

Lafuma Mobilier offers the best of oudoor patio furniture. Discover a high-quality range designed for your needs: sturdy, easy to transport camping seats, reclining chairs for optimal comfort when you want to relax, patio tables and chairs for outdoor mealtimes with friends and family. Lafuma Mobilier brings you a range of technical, durable products, made in France for over 60 years, to use in all the best moments in your life. Relax on a lounger, deckchair or recliner from our brand to get re-energized and benefit from the quality of our products.

Discover the “Made in France“ PRIVILEGE range with its supremely comfortable pieces, with sleek lines and popular textile effects...Since luxury today is all about the quest for wellbeing everywhere, the new collection has been created for you.All the range is available in Hedona, an innovative seat pad which is as perfect for outdoor use as for indoors. Thus, the refinement invites itself at the table, reaches the edge of the pool, settles on the terrace or in the garden, slips into the living room ...These products are exclusively sold in shops.

Being successful in France has always been Lafuma Mobilier's historical goal. With the benefit of its unrivalled personal and industrial knowledge and experience, the medium size business produces its furniture as near as possible to its suppliers, distributors and customers. It guarantees a quick turnaround time for delivery and after-sales service. This "Made in France" concept offers an added value that has been officially recognised: In 2014 Lafuma Mobilier was awarded the label Origine France Garantie (Guaranteed Made in France). To obtain this symbol of French knowledge and excellence, at least 50% of product cost price must have been manufactured within France.

Sustainable development is written in the genes at Lafuma Mobilier. The company undertakes to develop items which are environmentally-friendly throughout the lifetime of the product. This requirement covers the choice of materials, the use of solar energy and even the use of water-saving powder paints. Today, all of the collections use eco-design without compromising on quality or style! Lafuma Mobilier has developed a true ecosystem which plays a great part in the region's economic landscape!