Advice and maintenance

Advice and maintenance

Everyday maintenance of your LAFUMA MOBILIER products

Everyday maintenance of LAFUMA MOBILIER products is very easy. Our materials and fabrics are selected for their particular resistance to the weather, UV and tearing. To better understand their everyday maintenance, here is data on the components and features of our products.


Components and features of the fabrics

  • Serge Ferrari (Batyline® Iso, Batyline® Duo, Vélio Néo® & Vélio Mix®) fabrics are very open, they dry off in a moment! These woven fabrics are known for their great resistance to UV, the weather and tearing. In addition to the qualities of Serge Ferrari fabrics with a weave of 1 weft thread / 1 warp thread, Batyline® Duo provides a plusher style with more resistance thanks to the weave of 2 weft threads / 1 warp thread. With their antibacterial and antifungal properties, they are very easy to clean and are guaranteed free of substances toxic to the body and the environment.
  • Airlon fabric is ideal for mixed use, indoors and out. This 100% polyester fabric is soft to touch, and easy to clean. It is machine washable at 30°C.
  • Padded polycotton with its 3-cm thick filling of high-density foam provides a comfortable seat and the fabric does not crease (cotton polyester mix). This fabric suits indoor use.
  • The AirComfort® technical mattress with its three thicknesses is super comfortable: 3D mesh net, padding and Batyline® supporting fabric. Thanks to its permeable, very breathable materials and their fast drying, AirComfort® fabric is perfect for outdoor use. Even so, we recommend your put away your product after each use to extend its lifetime.
  • The BeComfort® mattress is also made with three thicknesses: open 3D mesh net, padding and Batyline® supporting fabric. With the same technical properties as AirComfort®, its solution-dyed thread gives this fabric good resistance to UV, and guarantees it free of chemical reprocessing, for lasting comfort.


PRIVILEGE fabrics and cushions: performance, comfort and design combined.

  • TUNDRA from Sunbrella®: With great resistance to the weather and daily stresses, very soft to touch, this flexible padded, technical fabric is designed for optimum indoor and outdoor usage. A water-repellent textile, resistant to stains and UV, and made in France, this fabric has the immense advantage of simple efficient maintenance. It can be cleaned and disinfected with powerful detergents with no fear of loss or deterioration of the colour.
  • HEDONA in Batyline® Eden: Resulting from extensive research work on seating comfort and new indoor or outdoor uses, this three-thicknesses technical mattress is covered with Batyline® Eden, woven in France. This fabric uniquely combines the technical qualities of Batyline® (excellent UV resistance, antifungal treatment, water-repelling weave, tear resistance) with comfort, textile touch and style. Easy-going, HEDONA repels water, breaths, dries fast and doesn't mind the sun. Cleaning it is simple, a little soapy water is enough.


All our fabrics and our threads are free of products toxic to the body and the environment.

Components and features of the frames

The frames of our products are mostly composed of:

  • HLE steel (High Limit Elasticity): provides great strength while conserving flexibility and comfort. To protect the frames from corrosion, and to widen the palette of colours, all steel tubes are painted with French 100% polyester powder paints. They are UV and weather resistant, and undergo the standard tests of curing, hardness and resistance to corrosion.
  • Aluminium:  with the advantage of being practical, light and naturally resistant to corrosion. Perfect for portable or coastal usage.
  • Compact HPL (High Pressure Laminate): used for all our table tops. This top of the range material is particularly resistant to heat (>180°C), UV and moisture. Easy to clean, no porosity.

Advice No. 1: Rub a wet sponge over your products to remove any residues and stains, dry with a non-abrasive non-fluffy soft cloth.

Maintaining your garden furniture before/during winter

While our outdoor furniture is designed to resist the weather, moisture and sunlight, we recommend you protect it well when it is not in use. Before taking it in for the winter, some maintenance is required. After several months of use, sunlounger or deckchair fabrics may have gathered dirt and dust. It is important to clean them with soapy water, the non-abrasive side of a sponge and to let them dry off.


Advice No. 2: To protect and maintain your products over winter, we offer a range of storage and transport covers.


At LAFUMA MOBILIER, disassembly is integrated from the creation and design phase. All our products are designed to be easy to dismantle and repair. Also, an extensive choice of wear and spare parts allows you to easily repair your products and so extend the lifetime of your furniture. If you have any doubts about the choice of a spare part, please contact our customer service.

Our brand, leading outdoor furniture inspired, designed and made in France, is committed to making your life easier by providing clever lasting products, with a five-year guarantee.