Cocooning balcony: Our ideas for creating a cosy ambiance

How to create a cocooning balcony?

By applying handy hints, a small balcony can be transformed into a real cocooning corner. See our advice for creating a cocooning balcony.

A cocooning balcony for a cosy ambiance outdoors

A real additional living room, a balcony or little terrace suggests an intimate cosy nest open to the outside world. To feel good on it, it's essential to decide the style you want for it which will naturally let you achieve a pleasing atmosphere. Whether you fancy an al fresco breakfast or chatting with friends, this outdoor space should be arranged according to your wishes. This all the more true if you want to create a small balcony of 5 or 10 m2. Once you know what you want, it's just a matter of setting about creating this haven of peace and letting your inspiration run free.

To create a cocooning ambiance, the first golden rule is to declutter the space so as to have a clear view allowing air and light to circulate. Unused things and too bulky furniture should not be left here. A cosy balcony is not intended to be a storage area but a corner for relaxation where you can for instance relax on a butterfly chair. Naturally you start by sorting out the floor by adding a soft touch. A cold base can easily be improved like a concrete slab with duckboard or simply an outdoor mat. To add calmness, prefer natural materials like raw wood, and plant fibres like woven straw, and linen or cotton fabrics. And, the colour palette should focus on soft hues. Pastel colours that oscillate tints from pearl grey to powder pink or off-white can be set off with lively dynamic touches of curry yellow or terracotta red. The current trend is for plant colours, from lichen green to almond green. To brighten the space, cocooning accessories like little light fixtures and other personalised decorative objects are also good.


The ideal furniture for a cocooning balcony

A key item for cocooning decoration, balcony furniture should be both functional and harmonious. Choose small volume furniture with simple lines. A table and small folding chairs will provide a small welcoming dining area. Metal weather-resistant frames visually offer a sober airy decor. Furthermore, portable furniture designed for indoor/outdoor use is easy to move and store when the summer season is over.

Also, in this space for relaxation, your cocooning balcony, armchairs or small deckchairs play an essential part. On small terraces, it's best to pick a design reclining chair together with its low table. Vintage rattan seats, a suspended hammock or a wooden bench covered with outdoor cushions can also improve the space.

Our ideas for decorating a balcony and creating a cocooning ambiance

To create your cocoon, preserving its intimacy is essential. Fluid shade sails allow light to pass through and protect you from the buildings opposite. In this comfy environment, include some plants. Green plants in pots, flowers and aromatics are great for balconies.

Cover your armchairs with soft cushions and throws for cooler evenings. Even in the winter season, the balcony is a pleasant calming area. It is devoted to relaxation and contemplation. So listen to your decoration ideas, attach idyllic mirrors to brighten the walls. You can also have paper lanterns on a wooden rack, or why not hang up wall shelving to hold candles and other photophores. For an outdoor cocooning decor, a light garland is a must-have accessory.