Why opt for a zero gravity chair?

Why choose a Zero Gravity chair?

Once you try the Zero Gravity chair you’ll never go back!
Recommended by doctors, occupational therapists and healthcare professionals, the ‘Zero Gravity’ position is the most naturally relaxing posture that exists.

What is the Zero Gravity position?

The Zero Gravity position, with the legs slightly raised above the heart, was discovered by NASA in the 1970s and is the natural posture the body takes when it is weightless. Evidently, the body can still feel its own weight, but the position means the effects of gravity feel 7 times lighter, like when we float on water. The Relax Chair by Lafuma Mobilier puts the body in this exact position, with the chest and legs aligned to form a 127° angle. It is especially designed to soothe back pain, offering instant relief from stress and maximum relaxation. By placing the spine in a neutral position, it thus relieves the back and also helps blood flow.


Benefits of a Relax Zero Gravity chair

Reduces pressure on spinal discs

The stresses of daily life and sport put immense pressure on the spine, compressing the discs by up to 20mm each day. A Zero Gravity chair helps decompress the back’s vertebrae and, consequently, the neck.

Relaxes back muscles

The relaxing Zero Gravity chair offers unrivalled relief by giving the back muscles a much-needed break. During the day, our back muscles are constantly contracted, which prevents proper blood flow. That is why many athletes use this type of ergonomic inclined chair to relax and recover after sport. The Zero Gravity position is also used when designing professional massage chairs


Lafuma Mobilier Relax Chair: ergonomic relief

Lafuma Mobilier developed its first multi-position model in 1961 with the aim of helping customers relieve stress in their body. And we have been constantly improving and enhancing the technology ever since.

The Zero Gravity Relax Chair offers comfort and relief unrivalled by any rocking chair or chaise longue. Lafuma Mobilier’s models are equipped with armrests and adjustable backrests with stabilisers, allowing you to choose between an upright, inclined or Zero Gravity position. Its clip-on elastomer canvas provides strong support to the back and ensures weight is distributed evenly. It is also easy to maintain and folds away compactly. The sturdy coated steel structure is corrosion resistant, and the canvas designed to withstand both UV rays and rain. This means it can be used both indoors and outdoors, offering year-round relief from back pain. Give your body the stress-free relaxation it deserves!