An armchair to deal with backache: How to choose?

What is the best chair for back pain?

A truly comfortable chair is an essential part of life, whether it be for working or relaxing. And that’s especially true if you live a sedentary lifestyle or suffer from lumbar or back pain.

But when it comes to finding the right chair to relieve back pain, the choice can be difficult. Keep reading for expert advice on choosing a chair that will deliver maximum relief and comfort.


Choosing the right chair to alleviate back pain

At home or in the office, only an ergonomic chair adapted to your body shape will be capable of offering relief from back and lumbar pain. So, before buying your office chair, you need to make sure that it’s suited to you.

The height and depth of the seat should be chosen based on your height and size. You’ll know it’s right if your feet can touch the floor. A good seat strikes the perfect balance between offering firm support and soft cushioning. In other words, you shouldn’t feel engulfed by your office chair, but nor should it feel too hard like a traditional chair. A comfortable chair will also have a firm backrest that provides sufficient support for your lower back and spine. Be sure to pay attention to the shape of the backrest, which should perfectly follow the curves of your back. You can also choose an adjustable design with a backrest that can be reclined based on your size.


Last but not least, you need to consider the accessories that come with your chair for back pain. Armrests, for example, let you sit and stand without using the lower back. You’ll know you have the right posture if your arms form a 90-degree angle when placed on the armrests. On top of that, if you spend several hours sitting down – for example if you work at a computer – it is recommended that you choose a chair with a headrest to support your neck. At the other end, a footrest can offer additional comfort as it allows you to raise your legs and improve blood circulation.

Relax by Lafuma Mobilier: the best chair for back pain

If you suffer from back or muscle pain, it’s vital that you take time to relax. Even if you have an ergonomic office chair, staying in the same position for long periods of time can have a negative effect on your health. In addition to moving regularly and avoiding bad posture, experts also recommend that you take well-being breaks. Taking time out to relax in a comfortable position will help alleviate back pain and improve your general well-being in the workplace.

While there are many relaxing chairs to relieve back pain, both reclinable and fixed, they often present several drawbacks such as being big, bulky or expensive. A chair that is lightweight, adjustable and designed for the outdoors is therefore a unique find.

Lafuma Mobilier is renowned for using medical expertise in its designs and the multi-position relax chair is one of its flagship models. It has been especially developed to offer users the perfect position for relaxing and comes in a lightweight and foldable format with an affordable price tag.


The main difference of this chair for back pain is that it positions the legs slightly above the level of the heart, maximising relaxation and relief. This zero gravity position, where the raised legs form a 127° angle with the body, is the natural posture the body takes when weightless and is perfect for relaxing. It puts the spine in a neutral position, offering relief to the back and promoting better blood flow. It’s naturally relaxing and ideal for giving the body a break during a hard day at work.