Our knowhow

Knowhow that is 100% French


Imagining, conceiving and designing our products in our design office.


Cutting, swaging, bending, sanding, riveting, welding steel in our tube shop.


Ensuring our products have good resistance to UV and corrosion with recyclable French paint.


Providing exceptional comfort thanks to the thoroughness, precision and rigour of our tailors.


Combining the tube and the fabric by assembling all the components to bring the product to life.

A story of women and men...

Our teams


Let's take a look at our knowhow, skills and expertise. This series of original portraits, is our way of letting you travel right into our Drôme workshops to discover our trades, and especially the men and women who make up the great LAFUMA MOBILIER family. 



Baptiste thinks up and designs the products and tomorrow's collections, Corrado coordinates realisation in the design office, and Martine has been producing the prototypes. She has passed on the baton to Murielle and we wish her a wonderful retirement! Many thanks to them and to the entire R&D team spread over two sites located in the Drôme and Ain departments.


From the sourcing of the raw materials to production scheduling over more than 12,000 m², their skills allow us to offer you each year more than 650,000 Made-in-France products. Many thanks to Victor, Sabrina, Joël, Isabelle, Claude and David and to the other employees who make up this service.


Johann, Florence, Frédéric, Alain & Hervé and some twenty or so others possess crucial historic knowhow. Our production line starts with the manufacture of the metal frame, and this requires several steps: cutting, swaging, bending, punching, riveting, welding, etc. Many thanks to you all!


A key step in the manufacturing process of our products that combines style and quality. It's here that the colours come to life and ensure the good resistance to UV and corrosion of our products. We use powder paints made in France and the process is optimised for continuous recycling! Whatever the season, Manuel, Amar, Yohan and Alexandre, and their other colleagues are lucky to work in the WARMest shop in our plant.


Muriel, Brigitte, and Nicole showed great creativity in the shooting session but their daily work entails rigour, precision and thoroughness. Nimble fingers for exceptional comfort. We are proud to have managed to keep the stitching lines at our historical base in France. Stitching skills that ensure our quality finishes! Today, two stitchers are being trained by Brigitte to take on the relay.


Since 1954, the mission of our Assembly shop teams has been to create the "marriage" of tube and fabric by assembling all the components. Every day, they attend the birth of each of our products. Frames, fabrics, armrests, head cushions and plastic parts are the many items that go through their hands to offer you a finished product, guaranteed for 5 years and labelled OFG (French origin). Many thanks to the thirty or so people making up this service.


Sales, Digital and Retail Services! They are ensuring the growth of our business in France and internationally: by means of numerous partner stores and shops, with our websites, and of course our Drôme shop in Anneyron which is open to you for advice every day from Monday to Saturday. Many thanks to you all!


Armed with phones and PCs, Stéphanie, Dominique, Véra, Sonia, and the other colleagues of the service ensure order processing, look after customer satisfaction and help with their choices. Every day they respond to our European, American and Japanese customers! We are proud of this quality service which has always been and will remain at our historical base in Drôme. Merci ! Thank you ! Danke ! Grazzie ! Gracias ! Aligatô !


Human resources, accounting and management control are the occupations used to comply with the regulations. The team is made up of genuine experts who are ensuring the development of our organisation! Their strengths? Rigour, methods and analysis. Thanks to the two Stéphanies, Sandra, Nathalie, Annie, Brice and the others of the service, our budgets and our 160 employees are in good hands.


From their conception to their marketing, Mélanie, our head of products, makes sure that our collections answer your needs. Then it's thanks to the graphic production, merchandising and communication, that Blandine, Aude and the rest of the marketing team ensure our brand image at points of sale, at events, via the press and social networks. Cécile, the management assistant, organises sales meetings and local partners. Finally, Arnaud, our director general conducts all the projects of this great family!

"Today, we must conserve our unique knowhow, and continue to innovate." 

Arnaud du Mesnil, LAFUMA MOBILIER Director General