Changing your fabric

Changing your fabric
How to easily change the fabric on your LAFUMA MOBILIER product

Changing the fabric of your recliner chair with clips

Our recliner chairs have a fabric attaching system using clips or laces. Attaching with clips provides excellent back support, better body weight distribution and firmer comfort. Our spare fabrics are easy to replace and are available in a wide choice of colours. You can renew your Batyline®, AirComfort®, BeComfort®, and padded polycotton fabrics.

How to change the fabric on your recliner? There's nothing simpler!


Changing the fabric of your recliner chair with laces

If your recliner has a system of attaching with laces, there are also spare laces and even kits including fabric and laces.

How to change the fabric on your recliner? There's nothing simpler!


Changing the fabric of your sunlounger

The sunlounger is an must-have for enjoying an open-air siesta. But after several years of exposure to UV radiation, the fabric of your garden furniture might sustain natural wear. LAFUMA MOBILIER replacement kits allow you to renew the Batyline® fabrics of your SUNSIDE and MIAMI models.

To change your MIAMI fabric, firstly unclip the fabric. To correctly distribute the tension of the fabric and fit it easily, we recommend you clip one notch to the right and then one notch to the left.

For SUNSIDE, after removing the two tube covers of the notched bar, remove the two screws which hold it to the back to release the fabric. Lift the backrest of your sunlounger and slide the fabric upwards, then unclip the fabric. Start fitting the new fabric by the backrest, fix the notched bar well before carrying on with the fitting. Finally, insert the fabric onto the footrest before clipping it.

Changing the fabric of your deckchair

Deckchairs are perfect for enjoying the sun under a parasol, by the pool or on the terrace. Removable and replaceable, the fabric allows you to personalise your Maxi Transat, Transatube or Transabed as you wish, thanks to the wide range of available colours.

To change your deckchair fabric, nothing is simpler!

Lift the backrest of your chair and slide the fabric upwards to remove it. Then, insert your new spare fabric in the frame and slide it downwards. 

Changing the fabric of your design Pop Up chair

Designed to be used outdoors and indoors, the Design Pop Up chair with its timeless style by LAFUMA MOBILIER combines aesthetics and technical innovation with its umbrella folding. Without lacing or clips, the fabric of the designer chair is easy to install on the four corners of the steel frame. Caution, it is important to attach the four Velcro patches to secure the fabric on the frame.

Airlon fabric for the POP UP XL does not distort, can be machine washed and changed as you like! These chairs offer excellent seating with a high backrest for good support.


Our fabrics are designed to provide the best durability with outdoor use and excellent comfort without ignoring style. Except for the padded polycotton fabrics, each one is designed for you with materials resistant to the weather to ensure fast drying and easy cleaning. Batyline® open weave fabrics also have antibacterial and antifungal properties. All our fabrics are guaranteed free of substances toxic to the body and the environment and most of them come from France (Vosges, Isère, Rhône, Nord).

Products designed to be easy to dismantle and repair

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we are fighting against planned obsolescence and throwaway culture.

So, we integrate the durability of our products, and their dismantling, from the phase of creation and design.

The choice of raw materials is crucial, their quality and provenance. But not only, the manufacturing techniques also play a significant part. For example, all LAFUMA MOBILIER recliners use the "swaging system". This means that the metal frame can easily be loosened, and then the fabric can be changed in the event of wear. Repairing your product extends its lifetime and significantly reduces its impact on the environment. Therefore, we propose a wide choice of replacement fabrics for self-installation.

Finally, at the end of their life cycle, our products are all easy to disassemble, even without tools in some cases. A choice which enables separation of the various parts and sorting of components for better recycling.

Ordering your replacement fabric

Que ce soit pour réparer, ou bien pour remettre au goût du jour votre produit, retrouvez la toile de rechange qui vous convient, déclinée en divers coloris ! Avant de commander votre toile de rechange, vérifier la référence du produit que vous possédez. Si toutefois, vous avez des doutes quant au choix de votre toile de rechange, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter.