How to arrange your terrace around the swimming pool?

How to arrange your terrace around the swimming pool?

The arrival of summer is the perfect excuse to laze by the pool. With your head in the shade and your legs comfortably placed on a deckchair, all that's left to do is to enjoy the water! Here are our suggestions for setting up your terrace around the pool and creating a convivial space.

Why arrange your terrace around the swimming pool?

The temperature is rising and the desire for coolness is growing. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, the time has come to revamp its surroundings in order to make the most of it during the summer. Make room for comfort and decoration! Depending on the surface area you have, you can install a garden lounge, a sun deck or a dining area. These different spaces will be integrated on the "deck" which is around the pool, that is to say the ground surface covered with a solid coating. The larger the deck, the more inviting the surroundings of your pool will be! Designing a terrace around the pool is an excellent way to enjoy your pool throughout the day: by creating shaded, comfortable and varied spaces, you will be able to rest, take your meals, read or take a siesta by the water!


Create a cosy and comfortable garden lounge

Let's start with the garden lounge. It is usually equipped with one or more sofas, armchairs, poufs, and a coffee table. A true extension of the living room outside, it offers an ideal space for relaxation after a nice swimming session or water games.

Our VENCE benches, armchairs and coffee tables are the perfect way to create a warm, friendly space! 

As for the ANCÔNE Lounger, it'll be ideal for relaxing in with friends and family. Complete your garden lounge with one or more footrests and our Vogue or Cocoon coffee table. The perfect combo to enjoy a cocktail after a good diving session!

Create a sun deck around the pool

Tanning yes, but in complete safety! To avoid sunburns, nothing replaces shade. It can be obtained naturally, thanks to trees, or created with suitable accessories. Depending on the configuration of your terrace, the parasol, pergola or shade sail will be your best allies. You will thus benefit from a perfectly adapted space to install your poolside furniture. This is also an opportunity to review the different seats suitable for the sun deck:

  • The deckchair: The deck chair is close to a sun bed but without a leg rest. Ultra-comfortable and compact, you can move or store it without any problem. An essential ally for setting up your terrace around the swimming pool!
  • The sunlounger: Sunlounger or sunbed, two terms for the same seat! Larger than a deckchair, the sunbed allows you to rest while lying down. It is provided with notches to tilt the backrest at different angles.
  • The reclining chair: This is a reclining chair with armrests, which can be positioned to relieve the legs and back. Its progressive sliding system offers an ideal 127° inclination to relieve the body and to relax by the swimming pool.


Lunch with (almost!) your feet in the water

Now let's move on to the dining area. As you may have guessed, it is composed of a table and chairs and / or armchairs. You will find several models of dining tables in our catalogue, available in several sizes and colours.

The ANCÔNE table is the latest addition to our design office and is distinguished by its minimalist design and its top with a mineral feel. Accompanied by the eponymous armchairs, it will perfectly dress up the surroundings of your swimming pool for large outdoor meals! Its length makes it possible to accommodate up to 10 guests, and its ultra-resistant structure is resistant to heat or UV rays. What more could you ask for?

Decorative details that make all the difference

Last but not least, decorative accessories and plants are the final touch when it comes to designing your poolside terrace. Start by installing lights to illuminate your aperitifs, meals and outdoor evenings. This can take the form of a large floor lamp, a garland, a table lamp or a hanging lamp suitable for outdoor use. Also think about outdoor decorative accessories such as rugs, floor cushions, lanterns... Finally, plants are perfect to dress up the space around the pool and will enhance the design of your terrace. The entire LAFUMA MOBILIER team wishes you a wonderful summer!