Because the story has been running
between us for 70 years.

Because it’s easy to be seated in our chairs,​

and difficult to leave them.

Because our production is responsible​

… and especially responsible for your well-being ​


Because you’ll be boosting the local economy 

​just by relaxing on a recliner

Because know-how is also ​

a question of knowing how to live ​

Because your long summer afternoons ​

deserve the best loungers

Because putting the world to rights around a table 

really requires a fine table.


Because you’d like to wear a jumper

 to enjoy the last evenings of summer

Because star gazing is so much better  

from the comfort of an armchair


Because you can finally take your time ​

forgetting that time is passing by

Because it’s in durable materials that 

memorable moments last 

LAFUMA MOBILIER have been creating golden moments for 70 years, and we hope to continue creating them for another 70 years.

LAFUMA MOBILIER is celebrating 70 years...


70 years of French know-how, innovation and French manufacturing, and wants you to join them.


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