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R Clip Batyline® Iso Tilleul

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|13 Ratings or Customer reviews
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Play the optimum relaxation card with this multi-position armchair which fits in well in the garden, beside the pool or on the patio. Of particular note: its excellent quality to price ratio makes it essential.

Its advantages:
- Its so-called "zero gravity" position: the legs are placed slightly above the level of the heart to ensure maximum relaxation.
- Clip suspension: the steel tubing and fabric are connected by elastomere clips. This Lafuma patented system provides the user with firmer comfort, very good back support, easy clipping/unclipping of the fabric, and a long lifespan.
- Its Batyline® Iso fabric is particularly suitable for furniture around swimming pools given its excellent UV resistance and open weave that does not retain water. Batyline® canvas is very resistant to tearing, does not distort and is easy to maintain, a little soapy water is all you need.
- Removable, adjustable headrest.
- Its weight which facilitates adjustments and carrying.
- Compact size when folded makes storage easier.
- Its price.

Built to last, this Relax chair has received the LONGTIME® label which assures its robustness and durability.


Technical information


The essential relaxation chair

An excellent quality to price ratio, firmer seating comfort with clip attachment. Lightweight, foldable, sturdy and practical, it offers the Zero Gravity position for optimal relaxation. Eco-designed Relax, the fabric is easily replaced.


Batyline® Iso - Open weave 1 warp/1 weft thread

Ideal for exterior use: excellent resistance to UV rays, ultra-quick drying and easy to clean with soapy water. Technical fabric manufactured in France.

Product Details


Height (opened - in cm) 114

Width (opened - in cm) 68

Depth (opened - in cm) 87

Height (folded - in cm) 97

Width (closed- in cm) 68

Depth (folded - in cm) 16

Net weight (in kg) 6,6

Seat height (in cm) 36


Fabric and cushions





Drying time speed

Resistance to UV rays

Resistance to bad weather

Ease of cleaning


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Ratings or Customer reviews

13 Ratings or Customer reviews
  • Sharon
    Published on 25/10/2021
    We had 2 previously from about 5 years ago. They still look great but we needed another 1. A great addition to the set.
  • Susan
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Light and very comfortable and the colour is so nice!
  • John
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Comfortable and sturdy - just what I was looking for.
  • Valeria
    Published on 25/10/2021
    I was looking for a comfortable fold away garden chair for our small garden.
    The Lafuma chair is a great design, very comfortable, light weight and easy to fold. Very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for value for money!
  • sandra
    Published on 25/10/2021
    The chair looked comfortable.I would recommend anyone to.but it.They would not be disappointed.
  • Peter
    Published on 25/10/2021
    As I already have two of these items, I knew the recent order would be of the same quality.
    It was!
  • Lesley
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Chose this as have their other chairs (for sitting at anniutdoor dining table) and wanted one more relaxing.
  • Wendy
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Had one before so super satisfied
  • Cilla
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Met all my expectations, easy to set up and, it's also very comfortable! Loved the colour too!
  • Jennifer
    Published on 25/10/2021
    So comfortable, wonderful quality, and really pleased with the colour.
  • Anne
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Great value for money. Very comfortable and well made
  • Ivan
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Comfortable chair and meets most requirements. A little bit temperamental when trying to set in a fixed position but generally good.
  • Angela
    Published on 25/10/2021
    Really delighted with my lounger. Bought it after reading reviews and I’m not disappointed. Also I’m in London and it arrived 6 days ahead of schedule. Amazing ?