Responsible and sustainable production

Responsible and sustainable production

As energy reserves are running low, it is time to rethink the way we consume. Buy less but better, go for sustainable products… These are just a few of the many approaches we should take to make more conscious purchases. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we are committed to manufacturing products that are both sustainable and eco-designed. Today, we are opening the doors of our workshops to you for an immersion in the heart of our manufacturing process. This way to the visit!

Eco-design at the heart of our business

The times of disposable products is well and truly over. Those of environmentally harmful materials are also coming to an end. We had to wait for the point of no return to realize one essential thing: earth's resources are not inexhaustible. Faced with this observation, many brands and companies have started to switch to greener production. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we have been aware of these issues for many years. This is why we are committed to offering durable and repairable products.

Sustainable manufacturing

Why qualify our production as sustainable? Several criteria can be considered, starting with the choice of materials. By focusing on high-strenght steel (also called HLE, lighter and stronger than conventional steel), 100% polyester powder paint (7x more UV resistant than classic Epoxy), or fiberglass-filled glides, we are sure to offer seats that last over time.

Second criterion to certify our durability: tests. Traction, abrasion, fatigue, UV resistance… Our products are subjected to the worst treatments… in order to get the best out of them! Because we want our furniture and accessories to be passed on from generation to generation, as has been the case since the creation of the brand.

Recycling at all levels!

All LAFUMA MOBILIER teams are committed to reusing as much raw material as possible and not wasting any. This is why we are integrating more and more recycled materials into our production cycle every year. Today, our steel, depending on the factories, contains 24% recycled material, our aluminum from Belgium, France and Spain is 83% recycled. Our packaging and catalogs are made and printed from 80% recycled cardboard and the plastic we inject is formulated from 17% recycled material (which is increasing every year). Finally, our Batyline fabrics contain 15% recycled fibers.

We are actively working to ensure that these figures are constantly increasing: a challenge that is close to our hearts and of which we are proud!


Quality, a priority at LAFUMA MOBILIER

After eco-design, next is longevity. As we have just seen, for a product to be durable, it must be made from robust materials. Crash tests are then carried out to test its resistance to extreme conditions. This ensures that you will have a functional piece of furniture or accessory for many years to come! We are so certain of the durability of our products that we have chosen to go further than the legislation. The latter obliges manufacturers to guarantee their products for 2 years: ours are guaranteed for domestic use for 5 years.

Repair to make it last longer

Recycling has become essential. A philosophy of life that we have always practiced within our company. However, this is no longer enough. Therefore, we favor the repair of our products.

How? By offering a maximum of spare parts at affordable prices. The good news is that you don't have to be an experienced handyman to give our products a second life! The processes are simple and accessible to everyone. As for our seats, you will find a wide choice of affordable replacement fabrics, perfect for restoring style to your indoor or outdoor space at a lower cost.

A controlled end of product life

When a product is no longer in use, recycling becomes an essential step to create a virtuous loop. More recycling material gives us the opportunity to buy more recycled materials for our productions! At the end of their life cycle, all our products can be disassembled to facilitate their sorting, some even without tools. This is a committed choice that contributes to the recycling of various materials: steel, textiles, upholstery materials, etc. Almost all the components of LAFUMA MOBILIER products can be recycled! We are continuing our work to improve this process year after year, in order to be ever more efficient in the area of sustainability and eco-design. But also, so that you renew your trust in our brand, as you have always done up to now.