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A cosy interior for autumn

Comfort & wellness

Summer is coming to an end and autumn is already approaching fast. The house is changing in anticipation of the cold season ... this period is perfect for adopting comfortable materials and soft colours. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we look forward to helping you create a cosy home for autumn. Discover our tips to counter the back-to-school blues by preparing your sweet home the way you want it to be!

Bring warmth to your home

It's not always easy to get through the start of the new school year with all the commitments and long to-do lists. Fortunately, September also has its beautiful sides, and it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of these! So, let's use this time of renewal to get back into good habits and redesign our home sweet home.

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we are delighted to present you lounge chairs, furniture and accessories that will accompany you during the winter season. This year, we have chosen a soft colour palette that is perfect for a cosy autumn ambience. Our new ALLURE series consists of a combination of granite grey (gris Granite), cobalt blue (bleu Cobalt) and ebony black (noir Ebène), which you can mix and match as you wish. In the living room, our Sphinx chair is completed by a comfortable blanket and a small table to compose the reading corner. The dining room warms up in the blink of an eye thanks to the Ancône chairs.

Warm atmosphere

Do not hesitate to multiply the sources of light in the living room to compensate for the lack of natural light. Table lamps, electric garlands and candles will be your best allies to improve your daily comfort! Also swap your textile accessories for other cosier models. Now is the time for velvet curtains or a big, fluffy rug! Finally, let nature enter your interior. This touch of chlorophyll will be welcome once winter sets in.

Enjoy the last beautiful days outside

Contrary to popular belief, outdoor areas are not just for warm days. You can still enjoy your balcony or terrace in autumn if you make a few changes. For example, offer your guests a blanket: Our Flocon blankets in soft colours harmonise with the seating furniture in our new Allure collection. Colour matching that is suitable for the outside as well as for the inside of our house!

It also makes sense to invest in a fire bowl. With this little extra, you can gather your guests around a cosy flame. An ideal moment to enjoy a tea from COMPAGNIE COLONIALE, one of the oldest tea houses in France founded in 1848, with whom LAFUMA MOBILIER has partnered to create "Well-being" boxes.

Add sheepskins on the seats, and why not a hot water bottle on each seat! Just like in the north, you can enjoy your terrace all year round if you invest in the right accessories: lined slippers, lanterns, candles... An outdoor rug or two will complete your outdoor decoration and make it as cosy as a snug indoors in autumn!

Autumnal decoration sets the tone

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we like autumn and all the little joys that come with this time of year. How nice it is to get the soft jumpers out of the closet, enjoy some pumpkin soup and take a walk in the fresh air! At home, you can further enjoy the autumnal atmosphere through decoration. Wreaths of dried flowers, scented candles and cosy blankets are a must-have.

The table is adorned with natural home-made decor. Pick a few items during your walks in the forest: chestnuts and chestnut shells, dry leaves, branches... Everything you need to compose magnificent centrepieces or table runners that will amaze your guests. Do not hesitate to extend your cocooning interior for autumn... outdoors! You can make a beautiful natural wreath to hang on your front door. Place a few pumpkins on each side on the ground and complete the decoration with an XXL outdoor lantern. Your home will be more welcoming and cosier.

3 decorating tips that are quick and easy to set up:

  • If your interior focuses on cool colours (blue, grey, green…), add a few touches of ochre or terracotta to warm up the room. Gold or brass accessories can also play this role.

  • Place a large basket filled with throw blankets and cushions near the sofa. Here you can stock up on everything you need when the days get cooler.

  • Create a nomadic decoration by assembling several small elements on a round tray or in a bowl. It can contain mini pumpkins, candles, leaves, chestnuts ... Move the tray on the dining table, on the fireplace or the living room sideboard according to your desires!