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Make your living room a new comfort zone Made in France

Comfort & Wellness

In this season, what could be better than relaxing for a moment in your living room or by the fireplace?

The Pop Up and the Sphinx, the perfect accessories for cocooning moments

For your cocooning moments, our design chairs become real accomplices.

Our Pop Up and our Sphinx are the perfect lounge chairs for curling up with a book or enjoying a hot drink. Their design, their colourful washable fabrics, their umbrella-style folding mechanism and their contemporary look make them one of the key pieces in our ‘Made in France’ collections, which are also certified to carry the ‘Origine France Garantie’ label (Guaranteed French Origin).

Light and ultra-compact when folded, the Pop Up is the top portable chair: during winter in the living room, and in fine weather outside on the patio, there is always a place for it, and this for almost 30 years now! As for the Sphinx and its padded seat, it’s the must for in/outdoor comfort...

Our accessories to accompany your moments of relaxation

To bring a touch of comfort to your living room, also choose the FLOCON fleece blanket or cushions. Comfortable, soft and fluffy, they will perfectly accompany your cocooning moments. Ideal to spend the winter in a warm and cosy atmosphere, this blanket woven and made in France will envelop you in softness and warmth.

Blanket FLOCON Relax

Try it and become a fan

Specially designed to fit our Relax chairs and wrap oneself up in, this French-made innovation let us bring home the Jard’Innov 2020 trophy. Very comfortable and soft, the FLOCON Relax throw blanket will quickly become the essential accessory to place in your relaxation chair.


Finally, decorate your living room with cushions and it will become the most coveted comfort zone! Comfortably installed, with your back well supported by our soft and decorative cushions, allow yourself some time for yourself, a reading break or a refreshing nap.

Made in France

in our Anneyron factory

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