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Comfort is our trade

Comfort & Wellness

Comfort is our trade, good sense is in our nature and well-being is our mission.

In an increasingly mobile society, where we expect spaces to be modular adapting to our ways of life, where we prefer objects that ease the everyday, LAFUMA MOBILIER has always been a pioneer. From the 1950s, our first collection of outdoor furniture was already planned, designed and manufactured at our Anneyron plant, in the Drôme. Insistence on comfort, strength and ease of use constitute the basis of each LAFUMA MOBILIER product.

Compact and light, functional furniture

With the growth of paid holidays and the popularity of cars, our metal and textile portable furniture rapidly became the ideal holiday companion. Also, at the time, the specifications stipulated that the relaxation stool or lounger should "fit in the boot of a Dauphine [Renault car]". Hence the historic Pop Up "mini folders" with their spindle folding, many models marvellously combining comfort, style and quality. Today our creation teams continue this constant work of seeking the functionality of furniture: practical, stackable, easy to dismantle or repair.

Engineering comfort

We have always undertaken to offer products that truly satisfy your aspirations and respect your body. A LAFUMA MOBILIER chair, lounger or deckchair should be an invitation to relax. Innovation and ergonomics are central to creation.

The combination of metal and textile: LAFUMA MOBILIER remains faithful to its DNA by combining strong metal frames with comfortable fabrics. The cushion pad innovations, like BeComfort®, Hedona or Tundra, combine 3 thicknesses specially designed for outdoors. This combination of technical, breathable and permeable materials offers incomparable comfort, incredible softness and rapid drying.

Patented by LAFUMA MOBILIER, the innovation of elastomer clips replaces the famous elastic suspension which links the fabric to the frame. These clips provide for better weight distribution, securing firmer comfort and perfect back support.

Body position: we study the best positions of your back and spine. Excellent muscular recovery and the perfect relaxation of your limbs are the fruit of specific engineering developed by our teams for more than 60 years. LAFUMA MOBILIER was also the first brand to apply the ZERO GRAVITY position on a relaxation lounger.



In 1962, we invented a revolutionary relaxation lounger: Translude. This multi-position, foldable, light and comfortable lounger is the ancestor of our star product: Relax and its famous ZERO GRAVITY. This is the position that the human body takes naturally when weightless, legs slightly above heart level. So named by NASA in the 1970s. Actually, the body always feels its own mass, but the effect of gravity is 7 times less important, like floating in water. With legs raised, the thighs and torso form an angle of 127° the perfect posture for relaxation. The lumbar spine assumes a neutral posture, the back is relieved, breathing eases, blood circulates better and the limbs are lighter.

Moreover the quality of our loungers is recognised by health professionals like reflexologists or hospital personnel. As thinking changes, more and more companies are sensitive to the idea of well-being at work. So Relax is ideal for furnishing a break room or relaxation space.

Comfort is our business

Well-being is our mission

The world will be better place if we acknowledge the proportion of time, relaxation and well-being that is necessary to all of us. Disconnecting and finding time for living means having the time for ideas, for fulfilment, for refocussing on what gives meaning to our existence. LAFUMA MOBILIER is a company aware of these issues and wishes to be a player in this quest for well-being.

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