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Our commitment

Comfort & Wellness

Comfort is our trade, good sense is in our nature and well-being is our mission.

For more than 60 years, we have thought that the well-being we provide through our products should be transposed to all our stakeholders. Starting with those who manufacture our products, those who use them, not forgetting nature which gives us the materials. Eco-design, which we are taking further still, the total transparency of our production, the motivation and commitment of our employees, all make us a company that gives meaning to its missions.

Ensuring the well-being of our employees

We are doing everything we can to ensure the continuation of our knowledge and the development of our 160 employees.

Apart from a training plan meeting the needs and changes, and very favourable guarantees of health and pension expenses, we are investing to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees. This can mean workstation arrangements (e.g. installing a transfer truck for making it easier to move and cut steel stocks) as well as the layout of our premises. Since 2018, a "break room" rest room, equipped with several Relax loungers, has been accessible to all employees for use during breaks.

The COBEE (COmmittee for well-BEing and the Environment) is a working group of volunteer employees which discusses, proposes and implements internal actions linked to employee well-being, the working environment and the reduction of our environmental impact.

Ensuring the well-being of people who use our products

We design our products with the aim of providing you with well-being, special moments of relaxation and the promise of lasting comfort. Inventor of Relax, all our models provide THE ideal relaxation position with the legs placed slightly above heart level. This "Zero gravity" position corresponds to that naturally taken by our bodies when weightless, the limbs and torso forming an angle of 127°. All LAFUMA MOBILIER's knowledge serves everyone's recovery and disconnection. Comfort is our trade !

Ensuring the well-being and respect for nature

French creation and manufacturing since 1954, we can summarise our eco-design approach as "more comfort for our users –less impact for the environment".

Our creative teams design products with nothing superfluous: a minimum amount of material for maximum lifetime and comfort. We use partially recycled and 100% recyclable steel and aluminium, our powder paints are 100% recycled.

In priority we select partners and suppliers near our production site located in Anneyron (26). So the fabric yarn is made and woven in La-Tour-du-Pin (38), the paints come from Montbrison (42), our plastic parts are produced in Balmay (01), our Airlon fabrics are woven in Rupt-sur-Moselle (88) and dyed, or printed, in Tarare (69), etc.


In the offices and production shops, all waste is reduced, sorted and recycled, except for certain outdoor fabrics for which we are working on upcycling solutions.

All our products are designed to last

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we are fighting against planned obsolescence and the throw-away culture. The choice of raw materials is crucial. Two of the main criteria are their quality and provenance. High tensile strength steels (lighter and strong), 100% polyester powder paint (7x stronger than conventional epoxy)… Our purchases come 98% from Europe and 68% from France. Relax and Transat are the incarnation of lasting best-sellers and are constantly improving. Created in 1962, we have never stopped reworking and innovating. Internally or in laboratory, each product is subject to tests of tensile, fatigue and UV resistance.

All our products are guaranteed for 5 years

If despite our quality controls a product is found to be defective, our after-sales service, installed at our Drôme production site, is able to replace the part in good time. We can be proud of having a very low rate of returns thanks to the attention paid to the quality of our products (index 0.3%).

All our products are designed to be easy to dismantle and repair

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, disassembly is integrated from the creation and design phase. Whether for repairing or fashion updating a Transat, Relax or Pop Up, we offer a large choice of exchange fabrics and spare parts.

Ecological and design furniture

Sustainable development

Offering a "second life" to a product helps reduce its environmental impact while staying on trend! Access to spare parts is also an important factor, both in terms of availability (on our website or from our After-Sales service) and price as well as ease of replacement. Finally, at the end of their lifecycle, our products are all easy to dismantle, some even without tools. A choice which enables the separation of the various parts and the sorting of the components for better recycling.

eco-friendly furniture

The choice of responsible consumption is a major issue at the heart of our life styles and our future. It counters the throw-away culture which uses the resources of our planet: the quality, durability and provenance of the products that we consume should concern us! We believe everyone has a part to play in this collective fight. As a brand, as an industrialist and a manufacturer, we share in this responsibility.