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"Eco Responsible" garden furniture

Comfort & Wellness

Choosing to be environmentally friendly is a major issue, central to our way of life and for our future.

Smarter consumption!

Choosing to be environmentally friendly is a major issue, central to our way of life and for our future. It is the opposite of the disposable culture which exhausts our planet’s resources; we should ask questions about the quality and the durability of products we use! We believe in individual action in this collective struggle, and in the role of industrialist and manufacturer, we take our share of responsibility.

Whatever is good for our planet is also good for us all

From the very beginnings of our brand’s history, we have designed our products to live as closely as possible to nature, conscious of the well-being gained from a life spent outdoors. Staying true to this “natural” belief, our commitment has always been to offer products with a limited environmental impact, throughout the life of the product.

Eco design

In the first place, design comfortable products while also using less energy, adding value to waste materials and optimising our material purchasing. For a few years we have been committed to a policy of environmentally responsible supply: we use partially recycled steel and aluminium. To limit transportation, we choose associates and suppliers located close to our manufacturing facility in Anneyron. The fabric thread is therefore made and woven in Isère (France), the plastic parts are manufactured in the Ain region in our plastics processing plant Lallemand (France) and steel in northern Italy.

Transporting to you

To reduce our environmental footprint, we opt for soft methods of transport, such as by boat instead of by air, and grouping items to deliver to customers. We have strict selection criteria for logistics partners according to their own "sustainable development". Finally, for our product packaging, we have opted for recycled cardboard, and optimised the sizes used.


We are part of the fight against programmed obsolescence and the disposable culture. We replace all worn out parts in order to guarantee durability to the maximum for our products : Rack and pinions, accessories, elastic laces...all are available on demand. For the same product, our fabrics are interchangeable: they follow trends, which allows the load-bearing frame of the chair to be kept.


At the end of their life, our products can be dismantled (screws and nuts, clips, removable fabrics etc.). A choice which allows for separation of the various parts and sorting of components for better recycling and the insurance of environmentally-friendly furnitures.

Tomorrow will be better

We believe in a better future provided that we take action. We constantly aim to perfect processes, methods and industrial tools in a real sense of innovation and optimization. All of our teams are committed to this: it is the meaning of what we do and a way of expressing our conviction.