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How to protect your garden furniture during the winter

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While outdoor furniture is designed to be resistant as much to bad weather and moisture as it is to the sun’s rays, it is advisable to protect it as much as possible when it is not being used.

Maintain your garden furniture before winter

While outdoor furniture is designed to be resistant as much to bad weather and moisture as it is to the sun’s rays, it is advisable to protect it as much as possible when it is not being used. Carry out maintenance before storing it for the winter. After several months of use, the fabric covers of the sun lounger or deckchair may have trapped dirt and dust. It is important to simply wash them with soapy water and a sponge and to leave them to dry completely. Depending on the materials and quality, fabric covers will not all last as long. For example, imported PVC is not reputed to last a long time.

LAFUMA Mobilier has developed three innovations. Airlon fabric is suited to both indoor and outdoor use. The Air Comfort tecnical seating pad, with its three layers, is designed in a breathable and permeable material. Lastly, Batyline fabric, which is easy to keep clean and particularly resistant, withstands UV rays and benefits from an antifungal treatment. All of our fabrics are guaranteed to be free from substances which are toxic to the human body and the environment.

The frames of garden furniture, whatever material used, should have some quick maintenance at the end of the season. Metal frames on garden armchairs, tables and chairs does not need the same care as wooden outdoor furniture. Solid teak or acacia wood are perfect varieties or outdoor use, but they should be treated every year with a layer of linseed oil or protective lacquer. Woven resin is not affected by moisture, however frost and the effect of UV rays make garden furniture brittle and have the tendency to fade paint. For its products, LAFUMA Mobilier uses powdered anti-UV paint and has resistant garden furniture, and which undergoes standardised testing for curing, hardness and resistance to rust

Metal requires little maintenance, but certain materials such as wrought iron are very susceptible to rust. On the other hand, aluminium has the advantage of being practical, light and alsonaturally resistant to rust. For tubular frames for patio tables and chairs LAFUMA Mobilierusesgalvanised HLE - High Tensile - steelwhich guarantees strength while maintaining flexibility and comfort. This is why is it seen in the majority of our garden furniture ranges.

Decor shows itself to be bucolic, light and minimalist. With the space falling between living area and garden, it demands to be arranged in a personalised way. Just like a cabinet of curiosities, colourful objects create vintage garden decor with a hanging zinc watering can; the homemade look is still popular, such as wooden bird boxes or an old wine case made into a flower planter. Finally, to maintain the intimate feeling of this haven of calm, outdoor lighting is essential, and do not be afraid to mix up light sources with lanterns scattered among perennials and grasses.

Solutions for protecting your garden furniture during the winter

Protect your garden furniture under cover during the winter

During the winter season, the best solution is to store garden chairs and folding chairs in a sheltered area, free from frost. A covered area or shed is ideal, or if space allows, an attic or garage works perfectly. Watch out for moisture if you plan to store your furniture in a cellar. Outdoor furniture can be bulky and heavy. To set up your different areas, choose portable furniture, which is foldable, easy to move every day, and easy to take down for the winter.

Protect your garden furniture under cover during the winter

To maintain your furniture well, it is recommended to use a protective cover. Cushions, seat pads and fabric covers, once cleaned, can be removed from the frame and placed in a dry place inside a cover. LAFUMA Mobilier’s deckchair, sun lounger or Relax chair are equipped with clipped on fabric covers which are easy to removewhen needed.

To lengthen the lifespan of your products, choose a cover of the correct size from our accessories. For those without a covered area in the garden, large waterproof protective tarpaulins are a solution to protect the table and chair set or an outdoor settee. If your furniture is located on the lawn, we suggest placing blocks under the legs to avoid contact with standing water andtherefore prevent mould.

Bringing your garden furniture back outside after winter

When the sunshine returns, bring the furniture back out onto the patio, balcony or into the garden. Some furniture may have become dusty if the storage cover was not fitted or closed correctly. Exotic wood should be treated with the appropriate oil and metal garden items may be showing the first signs of rust, especially if the paint is peeling.

To avoid lengthy maintenance, the frames on LAFUMA Mobilier products use 100% polyester paints which offer excellent resistance to UV rays and increased resistance to rust. All you have to do is enjoy the sunshine.