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How to create a zen terrace?


The terrace is a true outdoor relaxation area. But it is all too easy to make the space cluttered with too many decor items. Here are our suggestions for setting up a zen terrace.

Creating a zen corner on the terrace

Outdoor space is a somewhere to escape to during the summer. Setting up a garden with a zen terrace decoration should be organised to prevent falling into the trap of clutter, especially in small spaces. To escape from the noise of city living and create a cocoon of calm, separate the space with a partition or a wooden trellis that you can add to with pure-lined garden decor and an outdoor rug. Allowing you to hide from people looking in, aplanted wallis a more natural screen which forms part of current outdoor decor trends, and the shade sail also helps to demarcate a relaxing area.

In outdoor decoration projects, keep in mind that the zen garden is dedicated to well-being. For ground cover, it is betterto make high-quality, soft materials your first choice, for example a terrace in tropical hardwood or planks made of composite wood which is both cosy and comfortable. Choose light shades, with for example, a pearl-coloured stoneware tile.

All you have to do is set your small balcony or terrace with outdoor furniture. To create a haven of peace, invest in patio and poolside furniture designed for relaxing. The relax chair, specially designed for facilitating breathing and circulation, is perfect for treating yourself to a moment of relaxation. The deckchair and the sun lounger have their place in this outdoor living area. It is important to choose chairs and outdoor furniture items which are light, compact and space-saving, such as the portable collections by LAFUMA Mobilier. Chairs and armchairs which are too heavy can give a cluttered feel which would negate the effect of calm that you are looking for.

Minimalist decor for a zen-styled terrace

Zen is a Japanese branch of Buddhism that extols meditation. Even a the creation of a small terrace can lead to a source of peace, as long as it is done with good garden decor that has pure lines, and is harmonious and calming..

Choose light colours such as a timeless pastel which is so popular in the colour trends for 2019. A touch of dark red on a flower pot will give a hint of oriental gardens. On a reed fence or pergola, you can string warm-coloured lanterns: soft outdoor lighting will give a warm atmosphere to a relaxing corner. For decor, choose small items with evocative details. Items that are very symbolic in Japanese gardens, such as white pebbles, bonsaï and a garden fountain will create a zen-like, relaxing ambience.

Don’t forget about plants when arranging a zen terrace

In a window box, on a roof terrace or in garden borders, Asian-inspired plants and flowers will look lovely. Bamboo, which reminds everyone of a tropical garden, has the advantage of being very easy to take care of. Green plants that do not lose their leavesare favoured as the combination of the dominant colour of the vegetation and light coloured architecture creates a harmonious equilibrium. Choose Japanese steps in your garden path, and create a pathway of white gravel, bordered with grasses, or a bed of anthracite slate both very popular in contemporary gardens.