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Time for durability

Made in France

You certainly note that the time of the disposable is well and truly over. Our consumption habits are now evolving to the rhythm of new laws in favor of eco-responsibility… and common sense! For their part, companies are adapting by imagining durable products, going against the current of ephemeral trends and planned obsolescence. Discover how LAFUMA MOBILIER imagines its collections, between timeless style and durability of materials.

Collective awareness

Do you ever think back (with horror) to the days of disposable products and all-plastic? To this frantic race for trends and novelties?

The facts are there: we still ask stylists and designers to imagine up to 8 collections a year! An unsustainable pace, both for creators and consumers. In stores, turnover has reached such a rate that products barely have time to be displayed – and appreciated. On the customer side, the time of reflection necessary before any purchase is purely and simply swept away! Buying is becoming a mechanical, automatic act. These bad habits have led us to the point of no return, the observation is clear, we consume more natural resources than the country can produce.

This development made people react, pushing us at the same time to question our consumption habits. The reaction is not long in coming and the shift towards ecological transition is beginning… finally. Furniture is becoming more sustainable, just like fashion and many other sectors.

Design without borders

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, these concerns in favor of the planet have obviously not escaped our notice. In fact, we are very proud to have been aware of them long before they became a national priority. From the very beginning, we set out to offer solid, aesthetic and durable products. The proof is that we have maintained the same mechanical principles for our seats for more than 60 years! Our Relax reclining chairs and our Pop-Ups have risen to the rank of decorative icons in just a few decades, demonstrating that beauty and made in France are not just a matter of price.

Durable Design

Along with our love for transmission, we work hard to create the style of tomorrow. A durable style, which easily matches any decorative atmosphere. Our seats are designed to be used indoors and outdoors, in a contemporary interior as well as in a more traditional family home. Our secret? Simple lines, curves and an avant-garde touch!

Combining style and durability

When furniture becomes sustainable, the result is simple, elegant and timeless pieces! Our designers have always worked to create products that never go out of fashion so that you can keep our furniture for as many years as possible. This is done in different ways:

  • Shape: as we have just seen, our seats have not aged a bit since their creation. The question has often been raised within our design studio: why change when design and aesthetics are well thought out? The answer is obvious: these seats that you love so much are part of our DNA. By continuing to manufacture them, we perpetuate the memory of our own history… and yours! Many of you have entrusted us with the pleasure of adopting the armchair of your childhood in your home, and in turn being able to pass it on to your children, cousins, nephews and nieces!

  • Materials: A product can be both beautiful and functional. However, if the materials are not solid, this product becomes obsolete. This is why we take particular care in choosing the materials that make up our seats, tables and accessories. These must be resistant to external climatic conditions (rain, UV rays, frost, etc.) while being suitable for intensive use. During their design, LAFUMA MOBILIER armchairs are subjected to repeated pressure in order to guarantee unfailing robustness. Likewise, our textiles undergo tough tests in order to avoid tearing, wearing and color fading. Last essential point, the replacement of materials! As we have already mentioned in our article dedicated to durability, we offer replacement parts so that you can make our products last as long as possible without having to buy a new model. Fighting against obsolescence is a fight that is close to our hearts!


We love color and we're not alone. But instead of committing to the pantone of the year or the shade of the moment, we prefer to pick among timeless colors. The ones we won't get tired of in 5, 10 or 20 years. Our fabrics often refer to nature, but also to the palette of pastels that we have worked on for a long time. But that doesn't stop us from sometimes showing bold designs and offering more vibrant models, e.g. through limited collections!

LAFUMA MOBILIER, Designed for your life.

Four words that say a lot about our values. Our collections are designed to offer you well-being and make your life easier, to accompany you for as long as possible in the various phases of your life, without limits - indoors and outdoors ...

Made in France

in our Anneyron factory