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How to choose a comfortable designer armchair?


Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the living room armchair, just like an outdoor seat, is synonymous with well-being.

Questions to ask before buying a comfortable chair

Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the living room armchair, just like an outdoor seat, is synonymous with well-being. To be able to daydream in front of the fire, welcome guests, or curl up in it to read a book, choosing a relaxation chair must be done with care, they are part of our lives. The most importantly, it is essential to decide on the positioning of our armchair. In the living room, it should be in harmony with the interior decor and should echo, in particular the couch. A relaxing chair in a reading nook or veranda is usually a piece of furniture placed on its own, but it is necessary to avoid choosing a seat which is too big. Today, relaxation chairs can also be used outside. While a deckchair or lounger are the perfect companions for the summer season on the patio or in the garden, an outdoor armchair can also offer real comfort. More than a decorative accessory or plain garden furniture, the Zero Gravity position in this chair is especially designed to ease back ache and promote circulation with a feeling of lightness in the legs.

Other criteria to identify before choosing an armchair : use. To create a relaxation corner for drinking a cup of tea with a good book, a simple comfortable lounge chair or a swing seat with a matching side table will be perfect. Conversely, anyone who suffers from aching muscles or a bad back would do well to invest in an an armchair to deal with backache. This seat inspired by medical studies claims to be perfectly ergonomic. Finally, employees or contractors who work in front of a computer will prefer to choose an office chair with a sufficiently high adjustable back so as to be able to obtain the ideal seating position.

The criteria for choosing a comfortable armchair

Choosing a reclining chair means looking at every detail. First the focus is on the ergonomic aspect, with optimum comfort being the priority. In concrete terms, every armchair should fit the morphology of the body. A tall person, for example, would take care to choose a model with a high back to support the length of the spinal column. Every size corresponds to a particular seat height and depth. You will feel more comfortable if the back of your knee is positioned on the front edge of the armchair. When you sit down, you should not sink in completely or feel a sensation of rigidity. The ideal is to find a happy medium between softness and firmness.

When working for long hours in an office nook or taking advantage of some sunshine, it is important to have a comfortable chair, and this is why the choice of material is very important. For a foam chair, take care to check for good resistance in the material. With a polyurethane foam, only high density will hold up to the weight of a body. Over time, there is a risk that the material loses its firmness. For armchairs made of good quality fabric, they lose their shape a lot less quickly, while also feeling comfortable.

Another criterion to define a comfortable chair would be the position(s) it offers. Reading fans may like to be in a semi-reclined position, perfect for relaxing. Some models may adjust using a notch system, going from a seated position to completely flat. There are also powered chairs which change position using a remote. Another way to make a chair comfortable is to add a foot-rest. A further advantage is that this can be used as a stool or side table. Accessories are also important. In fact, armrests and the headrest allow the body to really relax when taking a moment to rest.

While the ergonomics of the chair are important, attention should be paid to the daily use of the chair. Thus whether it will be stored, moving it around and the ease of cleaning should all be taken into account. For example a big leather chair may not be easy to move around. On the other hand a folding chair is easy to transport, can be easily stored away after use and is generally cleaned with a simple damp sponge. An advantage of a canvas version is that the fabric can be easily refreshed, when it is worn but also when one wants to simply change the style. The look of the chair, both for interior use as well as on a cosy balcony, is a criterion which can also tip the balance when purchasing.

The RELAX from LAFUMA MOBILIER: a comfortable designer reclining armchair

Specialists in outdoor furniture, LAFUMA MOBILIER creates outdoor/indoor armchairs specifically designed to ensure true well-being in the user. The iconic reclining chair invites you to relax peacefully - this multi-position seat is perfect for relaxing. Created from a close collaboration with the medical community, it was specially designed to offer users the ideal relaxation position in a folding chair format. The backrest can be upright and also recline into a zero gravity position. This position of the body, with the legs slightly higher than the heart is that which the body takes naturally when weightless. The legs are elevated, the thighs and chest therefore form an angle of 127°, the perfect angle for relaxation. The spinal column finds a neutral position, stress is removed from the back, and circulation improves.

Additionally, this designer version is created with a very strong steel frame and an open-weave fabric which resists tearing and dries very quickly. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it resists bad weather and UV rays. Furthermore, the wide range of armchairs offers a huge choice of on-trend colours and materials to fit every style as well as every taste!