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Which type of cushion for your garden lounge furniture?


More than just a comfort feature, garden furniture cushions are a real finishing touch for exterior decor. Trending colours and designs can liven up a large patio or a city balcony.

How to choose cushions for garden lounge furniture?

There is a wide range of choices for outdoor cushions. On a deckchair or lounger, there is an outdoor seat pad which attaches directly to the seat with clips or laces. In the same way that a seat pad is fitted to a chair, an armchair, bench or sofa cushion fits the seating for real comfort. For a relaxed style, an outdoor pouffe made in a water repellent fabric will offer additional seating. Also, decorative cushions are decor accessories for the patio essential to dress up the sofas and armchairs. Some are purely decorative, while others have a practical use linked to patio furniture.

When choosing outdoor cushions, it is essential to opt for a material that is resistant to bad weather and UV rays, in order to keep its original colour and to not affect the quality. These outdoor accessories therefore have the advantage of not needing to be brought inside or stored under cover when it rains. On the other hand, not all materials are the same. A cotton cover is popular for its natural feel, but this plant fibre remains quite fragile. It is advisable therefore to choose a water-repellent cushion cover. Protection against moisture is all the more important if the deckchairs and loungers are situated next to a swimming pool. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or acrylic offer excellent resistance to water, and also to ultraviolet light, while also feeling pleasant to touch. There are also some seats pads designed for outdoor use which are breathable and permeable, which let water and moisture drain through and are quick to dry. This is the case for the innovative BeComfort seat pads® and Hedona or Tundra which offer unrivalled comfort.

In addition, the quality of the padding of the cushion or seat pad is an important criterion. A flat seat pad is generally filled with polyester foam, whose density and thickness should be sufficient for comfortable seating. Good quality decorative cushions are often filled with polyester padding, while pouffe cushions are generally filled with polystyrene beads which add volume and make the item fit the shape of the body.

How to clean garden lounge furniture cushions?

Synthetic materials, which are strong and water repellent, make cleaning easier. Resistant to dirt and stains, these fabrics can be cleaned with soapy water. For even easier maintenance, we suggest choosing a removable cover style. A cotton cover machine washes easily, usually at 30 degrees. To maintain the colour brightness and to care for the textiles, avoid using fabric conditioner. It is also recommended to leave the cover to dry completely before replacing it on the cushion.