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Which decorative accessories for the patio?


In order to have a beautifully decorated exterior terrace, accessories and decorative objects are essential. Our suggestions to successfully choose decorative accessories for the patio.

Our decorating ideas for an outdoor patio

Before launching into setting up an outdoor patio, you must define a style and then adapt the furniture colours, in such a way as to maintain harmony. A zen patio, dedicated to well-being, demands simplicity and comfort. Soft materials should be chosen for the ground covering, such as tiles in light colours or a deck in exotic hardwood which would show a cosy ambiance. A modern terrace will appreciate contemporary designer furniture, combined with planting inspirations currently in vogue garden and terrace trend.

A golen rule in setting up a patio consists of clearly defining the space. To create a dining area in the heart of this garden living space, think about a parasol and a small low table. For a small intimate outdoor lunch, this set is ideal. The relaxing space is dedicated to rest. So that serenity emanates from it, opt for light furniture with clean lines. which is both comfortable and beautiful; the butterfly chair will naturally fit into any type of environment. These outdoor chairs, with a steel frame and removable coloured fabrics will bring a touch of character to your patio. They are also simple to move around as you wish with their elastomere hinges and umbrella folding system.

The patio, now become an "outdoor living room" requires intimacy. To protect against onlookers, fluid airy sail shades create a cosy cocoon without blocking air or light circulation.

Which decorative accessories for the patio?

The patio is a living space associated with fun. Just as a room in the house in its own right, it deserves to be decorated with attention to detail from the smallest piece of furniture to the decorative accessories. Of course a patio umbrella will protect the dining or relaxation area from the sun, but it will also be a major decorative element. A wooden frame with an ecru or off-white fabric will look simple enough to accentuate the garden living area.

You should therefore decide on patio furniture with brighter colours. Opt for armchairs with coloured fabric taking care to maintain harmony across the shades. Colour trends this year again are mostly pastel colours which vary between softness and brightness. Warm tones like curry yellow or terracotta form part of the colours of summer. The various shades of green offer a vast chromatic palette. These very fashionable shades inspired by plants range from lichen green on the grey side to a more dominant pine green. Do not hesitate to experiment with daring shades.

As a way of repeating the shades, add throws and cushions to place on benches and chairs to create a cosy atmosphere. So as not to leave any detail to chance, spread out an exterior rug on the pavers or decking to delineate your cocooning area. An outdoor rug, resistant to extremes of weather such as rain and UV rays, blends into the house’s exterior. In a single colour or with a geometric pattern recalling ethnic fashion designs, outdoor rugs bring a certain charm to patios and balconies as soon as the weather warms up.

Then you just have to add a personal touch. Interior decoration has started to spread to the garden : A large mirror is placed on a side table or hung on a wall. Candles placed on low tables. Flecked and refurbished items are all the rage. With a bohemian chic look, refurbished wooden crates are used as storage and tealight holders become the decoration inside a terrarium.

Our ideas for a well decorated patio

To improve your patio, it is recommended to increase the number of green plants, in the spirit of an urban garden or suspended forest. Flowers and shrubs bring a rhythm and a freshness, while aromatic herbs and pots of tomatoes are a clever replacement for a vegetable plot.

Redoing a large patio requires structure. Just as indoors, large amounts of things require storage. A set of shelves with clean lines would work as a storage area, while also emphasising the decorative objects such as a zinc watering can or terracotta plant pots. To enclose the space without insisting on an opaque partition, the trending solution is a vertical planted wall. A rustic ladder would bring a little vintage support to hold plants and herbs in hanging baskets. On a small terrace, it is a good way of countering the lack of space on the ground, and to optimise the walls.

Finally, light, harmonious decoration is essential to create a warm atmosphere for the evening. Above the dining table, a beautiful pendant will bring a contemporary touch. On the contrary choose instead a filtered light around the outdoor sofa, with some string lights and candles to give a cabaret style on the balcony or roof terrace.