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Modern living room: Our decor ideas for a living room with a contemporary feel ?


Do you want to update a modern living room, and have no idea where to start? Discover all of our decor suggestions for a modern living room.

Light, bright colours for a modern living room

The living room is a place for entertaining and relaxing. In a contemporary interior, just as with a retro-inspired living room, this space must maintain some warmth. Today, the trend of designing your living space has become popular. With an open, airy set-up, often under a beautiful high ceiling, this light-filled living area can deliver a feeling of space and calm. To highlight the room, it is advisable to choose light shades, such as a raw timber parquet floor, or the trending polished concrete tiles.

Next, for wall colours for a contemporary cozy living room, monochrome is the classic choice. But if white walls help to highlight furniture with an unusual design, the atmosphere risks giving out a certain coldness. Tip: break up bright touches such as cushions in a purple or deep red colour on the couch, or have a chic ethnic area rug in warm shades

Equally, the combination of white and antracite black may synonymous with a chic modern look, but this option is not the most likely to create a cosy room. In recent years, the trend has been for pastel colours. Soft, warm shades provide the framework for peaceful interior decor. Finally, pay attention to lighting in your modern decor. Vary the light sources with a pendant, a redone baroque chandelier or a vintage light and some table lamps.

Decor styles to try for a modern living room

Scandinavian style

With its pure lines, its natural, simple look, Nordic charm is everywhere in living room decor trends. Directly from Denmark and Norway, this style exudes well-being. It’s the famous Scandinavian “hygge” which inspires designers to create furniture which offers this feeling of peace. Soft sofas covered with welcoming blankets, a cosy rug, a large round mirror to play with light, light wood wall shelves and side tables, and of course smart storage.

Industrial style

Inspired by former industrial buildings, this style is increasingly seen in home interiors. It can be seen emerging in homes such as the urban loft made of bricks mounted on metal beams, or an artist’s studio decorated with a glass roof. Industrial style plays on the juxtapostion of solid wood and black or anthracite grey metal. The furniture, which is reminiscent of factory machines, likes to have geometric lines and unfinished materials. To use this inspiration, mix living room furniture such as a wooden table and stools for the dining area, an iron coffee table and a glazed dresser. On the ceiling, aim to have lines of lighting with visible bulbs or an attractive metal fixture. Play with contrasts by hanging long off-white curtains to bring a cosy touch of bohemian chic style.

Light furniture with clean lines for a modern designer living room

Living room furniture should err towards the simple. Invest in simple shapes and pure lines, which can nevertheless bring some personality to the room. Consider not over-cluttering the room. To let air circulate the most and to bring in light, contemporary furniture should remain minimalist. Rather than imposing armchairs and sofas which risk creating an oppressive feeling, especially in small spaces, choose a butterfly chair or a lounge chair from LAFUMA Mobilier. While they are robust and elegant, they also form part of the trend of portability by being light and space-saving. Their up-to-the-minute look and the range of fabrics available let you use them in a contemporary interior and even use them for both indoor and outdoor situations.

For a modern living room, aim for minimalist decor

Modern design gives prominence to the simple. Decorative elements should be limited to evocative details. For example, at the centre of the living room, a wide modern rug will bring a touch of colour to the room. When thinking about aesthetics, you just need to create lines of perception. A decorative object will therefore attract the gaze as a focal point. A large mirror hung on the wall will also have the advantage of making the space seem bigger, visually.

Harmony remains the key word. If you focus on natural materials, such as a rug made from water hyacinth, willow baskets or rattan chairs, stay in the natural, plant world even in the details. For example, choose a lamp with a woven shade and scatter green plants around in transparent candle holders