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Which outdoor rug for patio?


An outdoor rug is a real decor asset for your patio. Discover our advice for choosing an outdoor rug.

Why put a rug on the patio ?

A real asset for a house, especially in the summer, a patio, like a balcony or terrace calls to be set up and decorated with the same care as your interior rooms. To make a welcoming and relaxing corner in this outdoor space, garden furniture as well as decorative elements must show a cosy ambiance. The outdoor rug is the accessory essential patio decor accessory,  both in a large size or a small braided mat, when it is spread out between the outdoor sofa or armchairs it will capture people’s attention. This central point brings perspective and adds a mood to the decor.

In addition, the rug is perfect for camouflaging an ugly or plain floor with style. While a wooden terrace feels naturally warm, cement or concrete paving can appear drab and dull. When setting up a patio it is possible to carry out work to change the flowerbeds, but an outdoor rug remains a simple and aesthetic solution to enhance the space very quickly. Depending on its design, it can even make the space seem visually bigger. Geometric lines give an impression of space. Therefore, on a little narrow patio, one would choose horizontal motifs in order to remove the stretched-out feeling.

How to choose an outdoor rug for the patio ?

Choosing a beautiful outdoor rug

Before setting up the decor, it is important to define the use the use you will make of the patio. The layout may well be different if it is a relaxing space for one, a living area or an outdoor eating area. From a practical point of view, it would be better to look at a material which resists dirt if the rug is going to be placed under a dining table and chairs. On the other hand, soft materials are better to place under a lounger in the reading corner. Finally, take care to measure the dimensions so as to find a rug that fits. A rectangular shape is usual under a long dining table, while a small round rug will bring warmth under a coffee table or next to a deckchair.

Then all you have to decide between a wide choice of plain colours or printed designs and  varied motifs. A modern outdoor patio decoration, whatever your tastes, requires some consistency. To create a place you want to live in, it is essential define a style. This aesthetic bias will denote a personalised and original look, while remaining harmonious. In the manner of Scandinavian style, a grey shade and the colour off-white offer a simple, natural decor. This base shade can be brightened up later by a few measured touches of bright colours, such as a pollen yellow or an ochre. Plant fibre rugs which display an on-trend spirit of nature, will ideally be linked to furniture and objects in soft pastel colours.

While a plain colour keeps things calm, geometric shapes will liven up the space. On a contemporary designer patio, pure lines and asymmetrical motifs suggest a chic minimalist style. An ethnic style rug featuring African or Oriental inspiration will bring an exotic bohemian touch. Finally, in recent years, the trend is for anything green. To change your patio into a luxuriant forest, a rug with tropical printing will dominate with layers of hanging flowers and climbing plants for an accepted jungle look.

Good materials for an outdoor patio rug

Outdoor rugs are available in various materials designed for outdoor use.

  • Strong, very resistant to humidity and ultraviolet rays, polypropylene is a material suited to outdoor rugs. Especially in designer versions, it is available in various motifs and colourways. Additionally, this synthetic material is easy to wash with soapy water. This type of rug is usually designed with a non-slip base in order to prevent falls.

  • PVC or polyester forms part of the composition of a good number of woven rugs; it is both resistant to rainfall and to prolonged exposure to the sun, this material is also decorative.

  • Less aesthetic, a vinyl rug offers nonetheless excellent resistance to water.

  • Natural fibres designed for exterior use can bring a warm touch, however they deteriorate more quickly than synthetic materials. Plant materials like sisal and coconut are to be avoided. However, seagrass, which looks very plant-like, has good resistance to water. But permanent humidity may cause mildew to appear. After washing, it needs to be left to dry. Very on-trend, this material offers different weaves in a natural colour, perfect for coordinating with every decor style

  • In the same way, bamboo figures among the list of resistant ecological materials. A bamboo mat should nevertheless be kept for sheltered patios.

Care of an outdoor rug

It is strongly recommended to choose a rug that is specially designed for outdoor use. This is because outdoor mats and rugs are able to resist small rain showers, and also stains. However, being exposed to the wind, dust and just general use requires regular maintenance.. Outdoor rugs are by their nature easy to wash with soapy water. Take care to ensure it is properly dry before using again.