In 2020, LAFUMA MOBILIER joined 1500 companies labelled for artisanal knowhow and as excellent manufacturers. Obtaining this label is a sign of recognition for our expertise in metal and fabric furniture since 1954.

What is the Living Heritage Company label?

EPV is the only State label guaranteeing the knowhow of French companies. It is attached to the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs, awarded by regional Prefects and managed by INMA (Institut National des Métiers d'Arts). Its particularity is that it labels a company as a whole and not just for one product, it's a true state of mind, knowhow. Despite its 15 years existence, it is perfectly suited to current trends because it is in phase with new modes of consumption and new consumer expectations. Indeed, buyers are now anxious to know where a product is manufactured, by whom it is made, in what way, and with real concern for these environmental decisions. Since 2005, the aim of this label has been to reward all companies, whether artisanal or industrial, committed to defending French heritage and which hold historic, or singular knowhow. Today, the label is committed to guiding companies in order to make them more competitive and it conveys the ambition of excellence of Made in France, both in France and internationally.

How is the EPV label awarded?

A careful selection is made to identify and reward companies with singular talents and know-how. For this, a completely independent committee examines the applications of candidates and visits the production sites concerned. This committee is made up of real trade experts able to decide, after survey and audit, if the company does hold knowhow that is both ancestral and exceptional. The EPV label is delivered to the companies meeting the criteria of eligibility and is then valid for a period of five years. Since the creation of this label, 5500 companies have applied and only 1500 of them have been selected. The selection process of the Living Heritage Companies is a guarantee of their excellence.


What does the living heritage company label certify and what are the criteria?

To have a chance of obtaining this label, it is necessary to meet various criteria. An EPV labelled company prioritises local jobs, and training. It has to have a concept of transmission, being an actor of the regional and national Economy To be labelled, each company must manufacture in France and meet at least two, of the three categories of the eligibility criteria.

The first category concerns relative holding a specific economic heritage :

  • rare technologies,
  • industrial property rights,
  • active approach to creation or innovation.

The second concerns "criteria relative holding rare know-how based on mastering traditional or very specialised techniques":

  • specific know-how,
  • internal training of staff,
  • employment of staff collectively holding excellent know-how.


The third category covers relative to geographic location, the fame of the company or its having a social responsibility approach:

  • production in its historic area, installed in its current location for more than fifty years
  • famous name or brand
  • social responsibility approach

LAFUMA MOBILIER: French creator and manufacturer of furniture since 1954

Our collections are 100% inspired, designed and manufactured in the Drôme department. It all starts in our Design & Style Office where seven people develop the products to a functional design, which allows us to patent the innovations every year. LAFUMA MOBILIER controls design and manufacture by integrating the entire chain of production. Engaged in the economic development of our region since 1954, we prioritise local hiring and regional sourcing with a requirement for quality. Today, some 160 employees passionately preserve the know-how of LAFUMA.


  • The tube workshop: aluminium and steel knowhow,
  • Painting: crucial step for combining style and quality,
  • Plastics: secret of functionality
  • Stitching: we are proud to have managed to keep the stitching lines in the territory,
  • Assembly the marriage of tube and fabric.

All these trade workshops are located at our two French production sites: the historical base of Anneyron (Drôme) and the subsidiary Lallemand in Balmay (Ain).

"We are proud to have obtained the EPV label: it rewards the faithfulness to our conviction of producing in France, and our knowhow developed and transmitted for more than 60 years with an increasingly demanding approach to quality." Arnaud Du Mesnil, director general. This exceptional label mark the recognition of our industrial commitment, our knowhow and the quality of our products.