Outdoor furniture : Focus on the 2024 trends !

Outdoor furniture : Focus on the 2024 trends !

The year 2024 has just started, and several trends are already emerging among the landscape of new decorative products. Bright colors, new technologies and neo-minimalism promise us a breath of fresh air for the next 12 months ! We have deciphered for you these three 2024 trends for outdoor decor, and the least we can say is that they have not left us indifferent.

That 70’s show 

The countdown is on : despite its gray skies and shortened days, January brings color and good mood ! After the brilliance of the 50’s style – initiator of the vintage trend – the year 2024 will see the return of the seventies. Cocoon fabrics, playful patterns and a kitsch atmosphere revive the décor : neutral tones are abandoned in favor of a colorama with a strong and marked identity. The abundant period of the disco years also largely inspired us for our anniversary collection called “Retro”. For this very special launch, we have dressed all our emblematic models – Pop-up armchair, deckchair and “Relax” armchair – with stylized flowers. Indeed, the number 70 is not only that of an iconic decade... it is also the number of candles blown out by LAFUMA MOBILIER this year ! 70 years of innovation, comfort, sharing... We are so proud to be by your side in your daily life for so many years ! The seventies trend is therefore arriving at the right time with its orange, purple, pink and green shades which are making a sensational entry into the decorative sphere. Here is the first of three 2024 trends for outdoor décor : we hope you will enjoy discovering this anniversary collection as much as we had preparing it !

Nature and new technologies in the spotlight

Nature is at the heart of the concerns of everybody in the world of decoration. After the plastico-chemical madness of the 80s, naturalness is once again popular. A raw, almost wild nature, within which materials have been highlighted without artifice since the 2010s. Thus begins the era of Slowliving, Kinfolk and countryside-inspired exteriors ! Today, the need for nature is still very present, perhaps even more intense. A trend that makes sense when we know the ecological challenges we have to face.

This year, nature once again takes center stage with a major novelty : technology combines with this naturalness to form a striking duo. “Nature and new technologies” will be the main theme of the next Maison & Objet show under the name TECH EDEN. The unmissable meeting for decoration players will reveal spaces where nature is very present, not always in the literal sense but sometimes digitalized, more or less mineral, luxuriant and hybrid. This mix between nature and technology has something to re-enchant sustainability and make our future even more desirable ! The theme particularly resonates with LAFUMA MOBILIER. Our teams focus their efforts on the technicality of materials, with cutting-edge technologies serving the comfort and durability of the products. Our LIGHTCONFORT textile, with water-repellent and anti-UV properties, our new armrests in 100% recyclable polypropylene or our mattresses equipped with BECONFORT technology are proof of this. In 2024 more than ever, outdoor decoration is exposed under the sign of technology : technology that rhymes with ecology, for ever more preserved nature, and comfort, for everyday well-being.

Neo-minimalism trend: let's stay zen !

Last of these three 2024 trends in the world of outdoor decor, neo-minimalism brings together neutral tones, roundness and textured materials. Far from being boring, this trend meets our need for security and comfort. The house and the garden have become our bubbles of protection, our spaces of well-being. What could be more logical when we refer to the distressing news of recent months ! It is therefore time for comfort, and the neo-minimalist trend responds perfectly. At LAFUMA MOBILIER, we have translated this need for cocooning into a palette of timeless and soft tones : pastels and neutrals are available in our Relax, Deckchairs and Pop-up armchairs. And to spend the winter warm, nothing replaces our ultra soft throws, available in a palette of three colors.

In terms of shapes, roundness is there : the curved lines soften the design of our Oron tables and armchairs, the Cocoon coffee table and even the Sphinx armchairs. Enough to relax in a bubble of softness for a meal or a restorative nap!

Finally, LAFUMA MOBILIER gives pride of place to textured materials through ever more innovative technologies: cement imitation for our HPL table tops (an ultra-resistant compact laminate), Tundra canvas with a felted feel, equipped with Sunbrella innovation (water-repellent , anti-UV and very easy to maintain) or our prints with more real than life foliage.

Here is an overview of our new products designed with love, made in France with passion. We look forward to seeing you throughout this year 2024 which, as you will have understood, is a somewhat special vintage for LAFUMA MOBILIER. Stay connected!