How to set up a large terrace

12 May 2019

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While organising small spaces can be difficult, setting up an outdoor terrace of 20 or 30 m2 is no easier. On a large scale, garden furniture must be arranged in an orderly way, otherwise the results risk being incoherent and lacking beauty.

To set up a large terrace well, the areas should be defined

A large scale garden terrace offer the advantage of being able to create any area you wish: a relaxing corner, a table for meals, a space set up around the pool withsun loungers, etc. To addcoherenceto everything, these different areas should be defined. What’s more, you will not have the same requirements according to the usage of each outdoor living area. For example, the dining area should be accessible, spacious, easy to keep clean, but also shaded and convivial. The outdoor table is better located near the kitchen than at the other side of the garden. The outdoor living room, with an outdoor sofa or armchair and coffee table, wants to be cosy, intimate and preferably facing south-west for beautiful summer evenings. All of these criteria should be taken into account before setting up the terrace.

LAFUMA Mobilier table and chair set, arranged on a lush terrace

Separating the spaces also allows you tocreate a different ambience. A shade sail for example will partition off the dining space with table and chairs, and will maintain privacy. As a more natural alternative to reeds, a screen or trellis aplant wallis part of all the outdoor decor trends. In fact, verticality forms part of garden trendsthis year. You can create distinct zones with wooden planters or designer flower pots. In these containers, plant bamboo stakes or a trellis in exotic wood andlet scented climbing plants cover them.

To set up anorth-facing terrace, aim for perennial shade-loving plants. If you have a pergola, do not hesitate to brighten up the structure with green plants, and also string lights and hanging lanterns for a warm atmosphere. If you are dreaming of avegetable plot, choose aromatic herbs and pots of plants that will bloom on your terrace.

Use different materials to cover the ground

LAFUMA Mobilier sun lounger, shown on a large outdoor terrace

To create a new look for your terrace, a clever mix of materials will bring an aesthetic touch. For a summer kitchen, aim for a ground covering which is easy to keep clean, such as tiles, which are not damaged by grease marks or chairs scraping across them. For a relaxing area, a composite wood will be very comfortable and limit any risk of slipping. Colours are also important. Light shades are best for areas which have a lot of sun exposure. On the contrary, avoid colours which are too white as they have a tendency to be too dazzling. Instead, choose an elegant light grey or an off-white for around the table. An anthracite black will bring a chic, modern look to your outdoor living room. Dark colours are ideal for making the most of the sun as they retain heat better.

Choice of furniture for a large terrace

Before deciding on outdoor decoration projects, take into account the configuration of your terrace and your house’s own look. Stay within the same proportions. Whether you are looking for a rustic style or maybe a more modern terrace, avoid a too eclectic mixture of styles.

Keep in mind that even on a beautiful expansive terrace, you shouldn’t overcrowd it. The trap is to think that you can have anything there. However, a cluttered terrace will be visually displeasing and the living space will not be as pleasant.

LAFUMA Mobilier sun loungers and footrests set up around a pool

Outdoor furniture is as important as the DNA of garden decor. Chooseterrace and poolside furniturewhich is light and easy to move if you have multiple spaces on the same terrace. This will avoid having a cluttered space and you can play with the set-up as you like it. At the end of summer, it is easy to fold up these garden elements in order to store them for the winter. At LAFUMA Mobilier, we offer a range ofportable furniture. From thesun loungerto thedeckchairvia the small table, each product iscompact, space-saving, and easy to storewhile also being resistant and strong.

When looking at decoration,promote soft, light colours. Pastel tones such as almond green, curry yellow or terracotta orange will brighten up an outdoor space very elegantly. Very bright colours can quickly become boring. Thanks to replacement fabric covers, you can renew the style of your armchairs and deckchairs as you please. Combine decorative accessories according to your tastes, such as colourful cushions scattered as you wish, and some lanterns to light the relaxing area.