Setting up a small space: Our advice to optimise a small area

23 April 2019

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How to furnish a small space

Arranging small spaces in an apartment or studio flat can be somewhat of a challenge. Long rooms, under the eaves or in an attic, are not easy to furnish. The key is to arrange it without adding clutter and add decor without overloading the space.

Play with the lighting

LAFUMA Mobilier designer chair set up in an interior, ideal for small spaces

To play with the illusion of size, it is important tolet natural light intosmall spaces, especially if the ceiling is not high. This is why is not advisable to partition off rooms. To separate living spaces, as in, for example, designating a reading corner in a small living room, it is better to opt for a transparent divider such as a delicate glass wall, which will not darken the interior. Next, you shouldvary the light sources. A single pendant lamp, which offers down-lighting will avoid a feeling of compression. Conversely, a designer chandelier together with a standard lamp, a wall light or table lamp will give an impression of space. Acombination of lighting with varied brightnesswill create an atmosphere which can be adjusted to suit your needs, from a cosy ambiance to bright and practical.

Using mirrors to give the impression of space

Clever decor accessories such as mirrors create an optical illusion by giving animpression of depth. The ideal position is opposite a window to reflect light and to bring the garden into the living space.

Opter pour la couleur claire

White walls have the tendency to give off a feeling of coldness, so rather opt for light tones such as pastel colours whichaccentuate brightness. And while uniformity can lack character, it is recommended to break it up with an accent colour. Deep shades such as a midnight blue or forest green will be highlights in a bright, clean-lined room. A terracotta ochre or a warmer curry yellow will brighten up a living space.

Also, with interior architecture, the trick is toplay with the lines. Even in small rooms it is possible to stretch out the perspective and create vanishing points. For example, play with the height of a bookcase or invest in a beautiful striped tapestry to cover an area of wall.

Choosing good furniture for a small space

In a narrow or connecting room, the instinctive reaction is tocreate a storage space. In order not to shrink the space further, a bulky chest or solid wood wardrobe should be avoided. On the other hand, to save space, it is advisable to go for built-in cupboards under the stairs or high up. All of the floor area is important, so the recesses should also be used. An alcove is a potential place for storage. Wall shelves or hooks will clear the space andprevent the feeling of clutter.

LAFUMA Mobilier table and chair set, perfect for a balcony

It is worth keeping in mind thatthe living space needs to breathe. A home should be practical and comfortable, but also pleasant, aesthetic, and should give off a feeling of well-being. The living room is the room dedicated to relaxation and sharing. However, minimalism in interiors rules out many sofas and armchairs. The alternative isportable furniture, which is at once light, easy to move around and can be folded when not in use. At LAFUMA Mobilier, we have developed a range of elegant, comfortable seating, such as thelounge chairor thedesign chairavailable in various on-trend colourways. In a small bedroom, the bed, being the central element, can pose a problem. To move around easily, and to avoid knocking into it, it is important to keep a distance of at least 50 cmaround the bed. The ideal would be to place it at the end of a room, near an opening in order to keep the space clear and to create a little intimate corner.To give yourself a relaxing moment, choose therelax chairdeveloped by LAFUMA Mobilier.

Our various chairs havethe advantage of being suitable for indoor and outdoor use and on sunny days, they are very practical forsetting up a small balcony. In a small garden or on a minimalist patio, it is possible to arrange abeautiful lounge area for the summerwith suitable furniture. Afolding deckchairwith a small low table is a great solution for enjoying the sunshine. For meals outside, a set of folding table and chairs is simple to set up and fold away after use.

At LAFUMA Mobilier we have chosen to offer seating withremovable and replaceable fabric. By keeping the same frame, with certain products it is possible to change the fabric which is simply attached with a clip system tochange the mood and give the interior space a new look.