How to arrange the conservatory.

3 June 2019

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Open to the outside, the conservatory represents the living space which increases the size of the house. True extensions of the home, these living rooms bathed in natural light are coming back into favour. Here are a few tips and decor ideas to make your interior decorating ideas come to life.

The various ways to make your conservatory into a living room

Before constructing a conservatory, everyone will have imagined what they would like to do with this new living space. Take the time to look at the feasibility of the project before launching into your new plans.

  • Making a conservatory into an outdoor kitchen

While it is lovely to prepare meals and eat looking out over the garden, setting up a kitchen in a conservatory is not so easily done. The conservatory is in fact a living space with a glass roof, and is therefore subject to the sun’s rays and bad weather. It is therefore not advisable to keep substantial electrical appliances there. On the other hand, it is possible to set up the conservatory as a dining room, as an extension of the kitchen.

  • Making a conservatory into a bedroom

Sleeping under the stars must remain a one-off pleasure. Designing the master bedroom in a conservatory would seem to be a bad idea. The space designed for sleep should be intimate and dark. However, the translucent roof and glass windows of a conservatory would let in an incredible amount of light. This would spoil the potential of this living space.

  • Turning a conservatory into a living room

A conservatory made from aluminium, wood or wrought iron will transform into an amazing living room which can be used in all seasons. An awning could reduce ultraviolet rays in the summer, while it would be comfortable in the winter as long as there is an investment in insulation material for optimal thermal comfort.

How to furnish a conservatory?

Relax chair from LAFUMA Mobilier shown in a light-filled conservatory

A conservatory is by its naturea pared down room which is open to the outdoors, so take care not to make it too cluttered. With a nod to harmony and aesthetics, it is important to keep this in mind. Arrange your conservatory with light furniture which will allow you to create a functional, modular winter garden. Be inspired byon-trend furniture, which is understated, with fine, pure lines. Cane and rattan furniture are currently very much in vogue, as is art deco style... The important thing is tonot obstruct the glass, so avoid furniture which is too tall which could block out the light source.

Equally, a conservatory is great fora relaxing space. To furnish this room, thedesign chairor thelounge chairwith a very modern look provide awarm, friendly atmosphere. To allow a moment of relaxation, LAFUMA Mobilier developed theindoor relax chair, which allows you to recharge the batteries in either a seated or flat position. Think about movable, compact and light-weight furniture, which is easy to move around as you wish, and however you are inspired.

Our decor ideas for arranging a conservatory

An artist’s studio or an oasis of greenery, whatever the ambience you choose for your conservatory, it is still important tomaintain consistency with the rest of the house. In an interior with a definite modern decor, the contemporary style should stand out, with an anthracite grey colour-way, for example. On the other hand, a conservatory backing onto a country house would be accentuated with wood furniture, a rustic tile and perhaps a mountain chalet design. Be inspired by the ambience and influences from your own region, such as the beach with a combination of blue and white.

Green ambience in a conservatory with furniture from LAFUMA Mobilier

Thecolour trends for 2019give prominence to green which matches beautifully with light wood or natural fibre furniture such as sisal, straw and wicker. From olive green, to the deep tones of pine green, via the pastel colour of almond green, this shade brings plant life into the house. Since the conservatory is none other than an indoor garden, play the nature card by havinggreenery in tubs and also in hanging containers. Verticality is a must in current garden decor trends. Also, it is better to choose plants with lasting foliage which do not mind direct exposure to the sun. Note that the plant itself will have an influence on the ambience in the conservatory. Bougainvillea, lemon and orange trees will bloom just as if in a greenhouse, giving off a Mediterranean feeling. Tropical plants like the dwarf palm or large ferns will give afeeling of a tropical garden.

Finally, think aboutvarying the light sourceswith different types of lighting. Built-in spot lights will be more elegant than a ceiling pendant light and will diffuse a softer, more intimate light. On a shelf, or a simple piece of furniture like a display cabinet, unfurl a lighted set of string lights or place an elegant table lamp.