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Decoration trend 2021: deep colours


Natural materials are once again making their way into our homes, and the slow life trend continues, with a desire to slow down and get closer to nature. As for the choice of colour shades, deep greens are making a comeback. These colours will dress up our furniture with style, taking their place in our living rooms and gardens.

What are the decoration trends for 2021?

The current trend is towards uncluttered decoration, avoiding superfluous elements as much as possible, otherwise known as “Japandi”. This trend is in line with the Marie Kondo style of tidying up and “less is more”, only focussing on the essential.

This year again, rounded shapes are in fashion. Straight lines and angles are disappearing to make way for oval and rounded shapes in our furniture and accessories (coffee table, mirror, armchair and couch...). We are therefore counting on a Cocoon armchair with a curved, enveloping shape, which is as comfortable as it is elegant. Sweep away heavy, bulky chairs and try lounge chairs with a clean, fine structure.

In 2021, we travel through our decoration, the Mediterranean trend invites itself in our living rooms and gardens. A desire for natural materials is leading us to adopt wicker, rattan, hemp and raw wood in light tones for our furniture and accessories. Whatever the type of materials, they are a real success and bring natural and exotic influences to our decor.

Our living rooms are dressed in deep colours

This year people are choosing deep colours, from linens to furniture, including choices of wall paint and wallpaper, with deep tones giving dynamic to our living spaces. Deep green is making a big comeback and is set to be the stand-out colour of the year!

Among these deep colours, we also find terracotta red, anthracite grey, black, midnight blue or teal. They create a cosy and chic ambiance, and on your walls, they will particularly highlight your furniture and your decoration. The best thing about them is that they match perfectly with the Pantone 2021 colours!

Our furniture is in line with this trend, notably with the EOLE story and the new BeComfort® colour:

  • EOLE: A symbiosis as colourful as life itself. A journey carried by the wind through lush greenery, among hummingbirds and butterflies in brilliant colours. Farou green, Mistral blue and Sirocco red bring a breeze of originality to create an exotic, inviting ambiance!

  • BeComfort®: With its pared down architectural design, inspired by the honeycomb in a beehive, BeComfort® defends the idea of a resolutely committed modern style: the alliance between trend and well-being thanks to a triple-layer mattress designed for the outdoors. Intense colours such as Encre blue, Dark Grey and the new Olive green can be combined with the timeless light grey, Silver.

Decorative accessories to adopt in 2021

Selection of new decoration trends

Playing with the diversity of motifs or materials, piling up coloured cushions, painting a wall with a dazzling colour or even adding green touches to existing timeless decorating ideas that do not go out of fashion.

In 2021, more than ever, the trend goes towards face line art, these paintings with abstract lines. A group of them can bring an arty touch to your decoration. Like a real painting, choose a range from the mini to the larger version to cover your walls with style. Coloured neon lights can be used in your interiors for an English-style pub look. They light up the room with a touch of originality.

Decorate your walls and bring a touch of adventure by layering mirrors in natural materials, such as rattan and bamboo. Dried flowers and green plants continue to bring freshness and poetry to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Finally, terracotta ceramics in all their forms remain on trend, and are an essential. Raw or refined, they dress up your furniture as a decorative objects or collectibles, especially with the extra-large lanterns that are making their way into your living rooms and gardens.