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What kind of decor will make a cocooning atmosphere?


To make your home interior into a true haven of peace, here are our suggestions for cocooning decor, and creating a cosy ambiance.

With a combination of calming materials and soft colours, cocooning decor aims to make your house into a ncozy nest, protected from outside influences. As soon as you cross the threshold, you enter a self-contained cocoon which helps you forget the winter cold, the noise of the city and the stress around you. Directly inspired by the « hygge » trend - this Scandinavian way of living centred on well-being - the idea of cocooning claims to be a view of like, in the spirit of slow life. This interior decoration is only an extension of an ideal which seeks to go beyond simple comfort to reach a notion of caring or reassurance. This calming atmosphere, often seen in country houses, is expressed as you wish as a bohemian, bucolic look or in a Scandinavian style.

The cocooning ambiance is synonymous with softness and calm. Shades which are garish, flashy or fluorescent should be avoided. Instead, choose neutral, timeless tones. While white may be the headline colour for a cocooning style, it should only be the base shade. avoid white walls, as they become a symbol of coldness and worry. On the other hand, white bed linen in the bedroom, or white china or decorative objects in the living room would be welcome in a brighter, more colourful environment. Taupe, light grey, beige and ecru bring a soft touch which can be lifted with brighter tones giving character to the living room. 

The colours to use for decorating in the cocooning style

Therefore opt for pastel colours such as pale pink, spicy yellow or almond green. These soft shades can be combined with brass or copper decorative accessories, such as a floor lamp or shelving unit with clean lines. From wall paint to wallpaper, certain stronger shades among the 2019 trending colours such as burgundy, navy blue, petrol blue or forest green create a cocooning style that is both warm and wintry.

Colours Trends 2019

The choice of materials also plays a large part in the final result. While natural wood and metal can give a vintage look,  modern living room decor with cocooning emphasises natural materials like seagrass on the floor, or rattan, cane and light wood for the furniture. Bringing in soft, thick, quilted textiles will add warmth. There again, aim for delicate pastel colours which accentuate the curtains and fabrics. An set of ecru bed linens in the master bedroom is highlighted by brightly coloured pillow cases, whilst in a relaxing corner in the living room, a bench covered in pink fabric will create a cosy ambiance.

Our decorating ideas for a cocooning home

Blankets and cushions: essential elements for cocooning decor

For winter evenings, nothing beats a soft, welcoming seat. But rather than choosing large bulky armchairs or a solid sofa, choose portable furniture which is easy to fold up when you don’t need it anymore.

Have additional lightweight seats and have extra floor cushions. Spread throws over the backs of chairs. These soft fabrics - made from fake fur, or knitted in oversized stitches - bring in comfort when the temperatures drop. Household linens are an important part of whether a living room is cosy. Coloured cushions or those with geometric designs are as important as they can emphasise the sofa’s shape. In the bedroom, use cushions on top of the duvet cover to increase the cocooning effect.

Think about a rug for a cosy atmosphere

An area rug helps to create a feeling of well-being in every room in the house. At the foot of the bed, it provides extra comfort, while in the living room, it softens the atmosphere. You just have to define your style of interior decoration and choose between the various types from the berber carpet or kilim, to a thick woven wool rug. Hangings with ethnic designs can also be hung up to soften a stretch of imposing wall. Whatever your design choice, do not forget the curtains. Cocooning decor prefers thick window coverings which dress the window elegantly to reinforce the intimacy of the room.

Play with lighting to create a warm atmosphere

To create a muted, soft ambiance, try varying the light sources. Rather than a harsh ceiling light, choose instead an indirect side light. Feeling at ease in a room is not just a question of how it is furnished. The lighting plays a determining role in how your living room is set up. Place a floor lam next to an armchair to cordon off a reading corner, and increase the number of table lamps. On the bedside table, think about subdued lighting which offer enough light without being too bright. As a general rule, opt for warm white bulbs to prevent a feeling of coldness.

Refine le style cosy with decorative accessories such as candlesticks, and glass candle holders which will hold larger size candles. String lights hung from a shelf will bring a subtle designer touch to complete the decor in your living room.