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What are the colour trends for 2019?


Plant hues are popular. Pine green or olive green, this wide-ranging timeless yet daring chromatic palette is a must for decor trends.

Top 5 trending colours in 2019

  • Green

Plant huesare popular. Pine green or olive green, this wide-ranging timeless yet daring chromatic palette is a must for decor trends.

  • Pastel colours

They exude a peaceful ambience. Easy to pair with an off-white wall or light panelling, soft colours will brighten up the interior. Without actually looking at life through rose-tinted spectacles, a few touches of a subtle pale pink or a vintage dusty rosewill brighten up a room. A darker shade, a blue-grey goes with a cool, clean-lined colourway. This year, the new trends and combinations of colours invite you to take a trip. Bright colours such as Majorelle blue or Klein, bring influences straight from the Cyclades in Greece or the garden of Marrakech.


  • Yellow

The colour mustard yellow has been popular for a number of years. In 2019, the fashion for hot colours has given way to more spicy shades. The colour curry or saffron is used as you like in interior decor. This shade matches well with furniture trends which give prominence to natural materials. It brightens up and warms a bare wall or floor, such as a light wooden floor or a water hyacinth floor.


  • Red

While bright red is no longer part of major trends, darker shades are increasingly visible all over the house this year. The deep grenache red or red madder brings a lovely consistency to interior design without it ever looking aggressive.


  • Grey

Never going out of fashion, grey paint on walls and shades of grey in your household textiles are still high value. Anthracite and slate look elegant both indoors and outdoors, while with a pearl grey, a light colour, it is easy to match with brighter colours.

In the living room

How to include these trendy colours in our decor?

Each room has its own function. A sharing space, the living/dining room needs to be warm and inviting. To give depth to this area, it is possible to paint a single wall, in almond green for example, and leave the rest neutral. The dominant colour will catch the eye and stretch out the horizon line. This technique is also advisable for small spaces, such as a small bathroom, for example. In the living room, have some contrast with light coloured furniture such as a lounge chair or designer chair on which you can place cushions with plant-based hues.

  • In the bedroom

For peaceful sleep, it is better to keep colours delicate and restful. To give this room a new look, it is advisable to invest in pastel tones. To add decoration, choose a Pop-Up chair in "rose tulipe" or a Sphinx chair in "gris chiné".


  • In the kitchen

Without creating too eclectic of a mix, it is possible to repaint the backsplash or a length of wall with a curry yellow or a deep red to pep up or brighten a small kitchen.


  • In the garden

Use patio or poolside furniture to add colour. At LAFUMA Mobilier, our exterior range forms part of the garden trend. With its replacement fabric, it is easy to redo your look and to create a new ambience in your exterior spaces.